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The Pokemon series is incredibly popular, from the hit app that brought location-based augmented reality to the mainstream to the main games with their mega-depth. But why?

A systematic review of studies on Pokemon Go found that a range of factors influence players’ motivation to start, continue and quit the game.

1. It’s Fun

Despite being a kid’s game at heart, Pokemon games can be fun for players of all ages. The game is a power fantasy where you get to befriend and tame a dizzying array of colorful creatures that can turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Pokemon games also have a lot of depth to them. They have a system that makes them more difficult than they seem, with complicated stats and mathematical formulas to help you decide the best way to beat each level.

There are even tournaments to compete in, giving players a competitive edge that they can use against their friends and rivals. This helps keep the games fresh and exciting for many players. This is one of the key reasons why they have remained popular over the years, sneak a peek at this website.

2. It’s Easy

Pokemon games are designed to be easy for children and casual gamers. They have no time limits or strict objectives, and the player can explore the game world as they choose. They can go after specific Pokémon, hunt for shiny Pokemon, or try to beat the game with a team of weak Pokemon.

Most Pokemon resemble animals, but others can take on inanimate objects, machines, and even human-like forms. They inhabit a wide range of environments, including deserts, jungles, oceans, mountains, and outer space. They can also change their appearance and behavior to adapt to the surrounding environment.

In a typical Pokemon battle, the player can throw Poke Balls at their opponents to capture them. The more balls thrown, the stronger the captured Pokemon becomes.

3. It’s a Challenge

Pokemon games are not only fun but offer players a challenge. The game combines turn-based combat with a massively complex system of rock, paper, and scissor mechanics that allows players to build a team of six creatures that can beat any other team in battle.

Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, pitches the mobile game as a social experience that encourages people to get out in nature and interact with one another while collecting creatures and battling trainers. It’s an experience that is also backed up by research that shows it offers multiple health benefits.

A popular challenge is the Nuzlocke run, in which players must complete a playthrough using only the Pokemon they can find or catch. This can include a strict set of rules, such as no healing or use of items like potions.

4. It’s Social

One of the best things about Pokemon games is the social aspect of them. They’re designed to be played with friends, and they encourage people to get out and walk around. This is great for health, and it’s a good way to meet new people.

The game also encourages self-expression, as players can create teams that represent their interests or personalities. They can choose cute, scary, or cool Pokemon, and they can even decide to play a variant of the base ruleset (like level caps or a nuzlocke) for extra challenge and variety.

Finally, the game provides a feeling of nostalgia, which can be a powerful motivation for many players. The Pokemon universe is the fantasy of every adventurous kid, and it’s a place where children have power and agency.

5. It’s Emotional

A huge draw for Pokemon games is the nostalgia and familiarity the franchise invokes in players of all ages. Many players remember playing the original game as kids and want to relive that experience.

Similarly, parents who grew up with the franchise may feel like they have something to teach their children, which can make playing together more meaningful. This also helps to promote family bonding and introduces new topics of conversation.


In addition, the game encourages players to get outside and exercise, as they walk around their neighborhoods looking for Pokemon. It also encourages socialization as players compete against or join nearby trainers at gyms and Pokestops. It also helps to improve math skills as players learn how to calculate Evs and Ivs during battles.

Bill Sutton
5 Reasons to Play Pokemon Games