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Bray Blasts To Title Contention With New World Record

Apologies to those that logged on earlier looking for results from ravenswood raceway’s round of the championship. A phone connection problem from the race track made it impossible to log on from the event.

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Victor Bray provided an awesome display of high horsepower driving.

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Top Doorslammer Round One

Stevens clutch drags him through the start beams bringing on the red and adding about a second to his 60ft and ET. The Studebaker shakes badly through the lower gears but recovers.
Stevens clutch
Stevens Clutch
Kapiris blew the tyres off the car at about eighty feet, pedaled it then went into savage shake. Simpson also spun the tyres off the line, went into shake and got right over near the wall before giving it away.
Kapiris Blew
Kapiris Blew
Judd story was another of shake, shake, shake while Searle never moved three feet before savage wheel spin had him lift for a slow sixty footer. He got back on it and salvaged something.
Marvin Bell
Marvin Bell

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Family Sabbatical Vacation: Plan a Long, Extended Family Trip

Family Sabbatical Vacation

A family sabbatical is an amazing and unique way for children and parents to connect, learn and grow. While many might think a family sabbatical is a pipe dream, there are some tips to make it happen.

The first issue with a family sabbatical is simply making it happen. Life conspired against a lengthy vacation, and a busy parents’ life conspires even more. Here are some steps to make it a reality:

Save up for your family sabbatical

If you want to hit all the continental states during a 3-month road trip, create a budget and calculate how much money you will need. It’s important to be very conservative in your estimates, and you can also use the planning time to find ways to spend more frugally with the goal of the family sabbatical in mind.

You’ll also need to figure out how much money it will take to maintain your home-side life (such as mortgage, utilities, credit card bills). Create a special account to save money starting now. Also consider ways you can offset these expenses, such as renting out your house for a brief period while you’re traveling. Believe it or not, you can afford a dream family vacation.

Make work plans for your family sabbatical

This is another major hurdle to an extended family vacation. If you spend several months planning, you could try to accumulate a lot of vacation time and comp time. Even if you accumulate three weeks and you want to travel three monts, that is three weeks in which you will have income.

Also discuss the possibilities of taking a leave of absense to ensure your job will still be there (at least in some form) when you return.

Also, depending on your job, see if you can persuade your boss to let you do some limited work while traveling. You don’t want to kill the whole purpose of the family sabbatical by working every day, but getting in a few hours here and there in evenings after the kids are asleep can help with finances and keeping your connection and position at work.

Look for other opportunities to telecommute. If you have some experience with writing, you might consider lining up some assignments based on the destinations you will hit and the unique family experiences you will have. You could also consider starting a blog based on your trip, and using something like Google Adsense advertisements to earn some money.

Do the Family Sabbatical Travel Planning

Do the Family Sabbatical Travel Planning

A family sabbatical requires a lot more forethought and planning than a week-long family vacation. If you want an extended stay in another country, for example, you might need a visa to live there. That will mean an involved process that must start well before you leave.

You will also need to be more careful about your selection of accommodations or transportation. You may decide to rent and RV or camp most of the time to extend your budget, and you might want a long-term vacation rental to serve as a central point.

You will also need to consider the impact on schooling if your children are attending school. If you take your extended trip over summer, you can still have three solid months of travel. But you will also be traveling at the same time many others are traveling, and you could encounter crowds.

Decorating Children’s Bedroom: A List of Options for Wall Decorating

Decorating Children's Bedroom

Parents who are endeavoring to decorate their child’s bedroom have an opportunity to include some creativity-inspiring art work. The environment created helps to create memories and connect to memories that will bring wonderful smiles to young faces.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great choice if the mural falls within budget. The cost of covering the desired wall entirely will obviously increase and the larger the dimensions, the greater the cost. However, a small mural centred in the child’s bedroom with dimensions of 4 inches by 6 inches can range in price from approximately $125+ if buying new.

In looking for a wall mural that is reusable and dry-strippable, washable, and is installed like a wall sticker, there are limited options. Use key words in a Google search such as “reusable and dry-strippable wall murals” and a couple of top quality Canadian companies should appear. These kinds of murals are more expensive, but they will last longer than other materials and they can be reused or resold if so desired.

Painting a mural on the child’s bedroom wall is another wonderful option, as many try to find appliqués and murals that have the effect of looking painted on the wall. There are painters for hire that will provide a consultation and help to plan the project, view source.

Do-it-yourself murals (DIY) are great if the child is old enough to use painting materials appropriately. This option allows the child to paint in the colours using the mural template. This is a fun and wonderful experience for all involved.

With custom-made murals, customers can supply their own image and custom-order the size to fit as needed. A 35 mm photo, negative, slide, digital photo or original art work can also be produced into a mural. Keep in mind, this is a costly but creative endeavor.

Personalized framed murals can be done by choosing the desired visual and selecting to have the visual transferred to photo paper, canvas, wall paper, or other. Getting the visual framed is another costly but lovely project.

Wall paper is a traditional choice for murals, and their is new innovative wallpaper with high-quality fibre that does no damage to paint or base and can be removed and reapplied at least once. This high-quality fibre material can come pre-pasted or, minimizing the amount of work needed for a successful installation. It can also be ordered with a matte finish.

Wall Appliqués

Wall appliqués have always been a popular choice because they are similar to window stickers and require no adhesive work and can be reused and reapplied. They are generally affordable and come in all sizes and dimensions. Wall appliqués can be ordered online or found in a hardware department of many department stores.

Find wall-words appliqués, poems or riddles based on favourite songs or rhymes. These can be ordered precut and necessitate a special adhesive that makes it easy to put on and take down.

Other Bedroom Wall-Decorating Choices

There are other ways parents can decorate their children’s bedroom. Ideas include:

  • Framed prints
  • Wall borders
  • Photo Collage
  • Posters

Children and Their Favourite Characters

Tune in to children’s interests and capture their imagination. Children love their favourite television and book personalities and characters, but keep in mind that children outgrow them and will want to move on to something new. Therefore, for parents who are considering purchasing a high-end quality piece that is quite expensive, consider choosing one with a subject or theme that is not a passing fad, such as a garden, animal, or friendship theme.

If children are old enough, they can have a significant input in deciding not only what theme they want, but what material they want. They may not want something the size of their entire wall, such as a full wall mural. In this case, wall appliques, wall borders or easily removed wall-paper is a more viable option. They may equally not want something that is too permanent, such as having a mural painted on the wall. In either case, decorating a child’s bedroom is for all involved to enjoy.

Homemade Herbal Antifungal Foot Soak Treatment

Homemade Herbal Antifungal Foot Soak Treatment

I know some of you out there suffer from fungal infections on your feet. I know some of my athletic friends do and they are always asking me what they can do to help treat it. The answer is by making your own herbal antifungal foot soak treatment, find more about this. It is very simple to make and works safely and effectively at treating fungal infections on feet.

antifungal foot soak treatment

The organic and natural ingredients needed to make the homemade herbal antifungal foot soak treatment are 6 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of sea salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 25 drops of lavender oil, 25 drops of tea tree oil, 25 drops of eucalyptus oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil, 10 drops of menthol oil and 2 tablespoon each of dried thyme and rosemary. All these ingredients should be organic and natural for them to work the best with treating your fungal infection. The reason these organic and natural ingredients are used is because they contain antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties to them that help kill the bacteria and fungus growing on the feet. You can find all of these ingredients in your local herbal store or organic store.

The way to make the homemade herbal antifungal foot soak treatment is by taking the 6 cups of Epsom salt, 2 cups of sea salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 25 drops of lavender oil, 25 drops of tea tree oil, 25 drops of eucalyptus oil, 10 drops of peppermint oil, 10 drops of menthol oil and 2 tablespoon each of dried thyme and rosemary and placing them into a large mixing bowl. Then you will want to take a mixing spoon and combined the ingredients together until you have a strong herbal smelling foot soak with herbal specks throughout it. Once the soak is made you can pour it into a sealed plastic container or jar and store some place cool and dry until you are ready to use it.

soak treatment

The best way I find to use the homemade herbal antifungal foot soak treatment is by filling up the bathtub half way with hot water. Then I like to take about 1 to 2 cups of the foot soak and pour it directly into the water and allow it to dissolve in for about 2 minutes. After I soak my feet in this warm herbal soak for about 30 minutes or longer to really help treat and kill off the fungus and bacteria. Once I am done soaking my feet I like to massage them down with some tea tree oil lotion or oil to help treat and get the fungal infection to heal up faster. This foot soak also works great for relieving foot aches and pain as well as swelling do to injury or gout. It is best to use this foot soak every night until the fungal infection is completely gone. If the fungal infection on your feet does not clear up you may want to talk to your doctor about other treatment options.

I do hope this helps herbal antifungal foot soak treatment helps some of you out there treat your foot fungal infections safely and effectively. I know it has worked well for my friends and I. I wish you all the best of luck with getting healthy happy feet again.

Netflix is Helping Me Lose Weight

Netflix is Helping Me Lose Weight

Sounds weird doesn’t it? How in the world can something like Netflix, which promotes couch potato behavior, help me lose weight?

A Need to Occupy the Mind

A Need to Occupy the Mind

One of the main reasons it took me so long to stick to a regular exercise regimen to lose weight is that I became so bored with the routine action of walking on the treadmill or getting on the elliptical that I’d eventually do it less and less until I found myself out of the routine completely.

I’d try music to listen to while working out but after a few weeks of even that, boredom still set in and I found myself once again slipping away from something that I desperately needed to do for my health.

Why was I so against exercising? I found out that it wasn’t the exercise that was the problem. I really like the way exercising makes me feel.

The problem was that my mind was largely unoccupied. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am ADD but I cannot do just one thing at a time. If I’m cleaning, I need music or a favorite movie playing in the background to keep me going. If I’m watching television, I need a project in my hands. While music can only sustain me for so long while exercising, I needed a different outlet, something that gave me options and wouldn’t leave me bored.

Exercising While Watching Television

This isn’t a new concept. But my television options were limited. To hook the satellite up to another room would’ve costed more money than what we were willing to pay; not to mention labor costs getting someone out here to do the installation.

So I decided on Netflix for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted new things to watch instead of watching my DVD library over and over. Two, I haven’t had the time to watch movies I’ve wanted to for roughly four years. (Hmmmm, curious. That’s about the same age as my oldest son.) Third, the prospect of watching television shows of series that I really liked but couldn’t watch all of (back before I had a DVR) was exciting.

So I tried the free trial on Netflix and liked it well enough that I kept the plan. I’m having a blast catching up on all the shows and movies that I’ve missed and it has helped me maintain an exercise routine for several months now. My weight loss is slow and steady which is exactly how I want it to be and Netflix has managed keep my attention in order for me to stay motivated. My excitement of having time to myself to not only work out but to watch television shows (commercial free!) and movies without kids screaming around me has not waned.

The Plan

I have the “2 DVD’s out at a time” plan so when I’m done with one, I’m not for want if I need to remain on the treadmill. Usually, by the time I’m finished with the next DVD, I’ll have already gotten another one, so I can simply change the DVD and continue working out, find more info.

Please note that I’m not getting any compensation from Netflix for writing this. I’m just simply satisfied at their consistency and fast shipping. It keeps me going and even gets me excited about exercising. Maybe this is an idea that can help you get back on the treadmill, too.

Designer Watches

Designer Watches

Designer watches are accessories that truly add an air of distinction to any look. They are the finishing touch to both casual and formal attire. With hundreds of styles to choose from, the wearer can either draw attention or simply dress up his or her outfit in an understated way. These luxury watches have evolved from humble origins, becoming more refined as fashions in general have done so. Today, they are the ultimate wearable expression of style and success.

Designer Watches Make A Fashion Statement

Designer Watches Make A Fashion Statement

Once thought of as a complement to clothing, watches have become fashionable in their own right. Thus, one can choose a watch that will stand on its own no matter what is being worn. Luxury watches are designed to have a timeless style that goes well with jeans as well as a three-piece suit or tuxedo. Today’s more casual lifestyles require this flexibility, and watch makers have responded with a dazzling array of luxury watches that will make men and women look good in any situation.

One of the most attractive features of today’s designer watches is the attention to detail and function that define them. With no sacrifice of style, one can have a watch with options for sporting such as waterproof housings and stopwatch capabilities. Magnifying glass covers and chronograph movement make them easier to read and ensure accurate timekeeping. Dress watches with a perpetual motion calendar will automatically adjust for days in the month and never need reset.

The Evolution of the Watch

And just how did the watch become such an important and advanced piece of technology? Today’s designer watches are the pinnacles of watch evolution, which began thousands of years ago with man’s fascination with time. And while modern luxury watches go above and beyond their function as timepieces, their predecessors were simple mechanisms meant strictly for time calculation.

Many historians believe that the first timepieces were sundials, ingenious non-mechanical devices that tracked the sun’s progress through the sky. A fairly accurate measure of time could be attained with it, though it would be a long time before man could tell time to the minute. It was not until the 16th century that portable time keeping was made possible with the advent of the first watches, probably invented in Italy. Still, these were primitive designs, limited in their accuracy by the fact that they were driven by weights, and needed to be wound twice a day.

In the 17th century, the invention of the spiral balance spring and the addition of the second hand improved accuracy from fractions of an hour to fractions of a minute. Watches driven by springs instead of weights made portability more practical, and pocket watches became the accessory of the day. Through the 18th and 19th centuries, better steel production meant higher quality springs and gears, translating into more accurate timepieces. Precious jewels were used to make the internal bearings more precise.

Designer Watches as Status Symbols

Possibly the first designer watches were developed in the 17th century, when ornamentation in general was popular. Since the pocket or pendant watch was an item that was constantly in need of winding, the wearer was obliged to frequently have his watch out in public. What a perfect opportunity for the socially conscious to show off his or her good taste! Watches became jewelry pieces, accompanied by gilt or precious metal cases. Colored enamel adorned many cases and delicate scrollwork made these early designer watches beautiful to look at.

Time has advanced the technology of watches, but one thing remains the same throughout history–the fascination that humans have always had with the calculation and expression of time. For hundreds of years, the importance of time has had its fullest expression in the designer watches that mark it with style and beauty. More than just timepieces, they are adornments that speak to the refined style of the wearer, and investments that reflect good taste.

5 Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally In Men

5 Foods That Increase Testosterone Naturally In Men

Testosterone surely do not need introduction. It is the male sex hormone that gives men, their main features and characteristics. Testosterone is the most important and the crucial hormone that is needed by the human body in order to carry out special bodily functions in men.

The pattern of the production of this hormone is really simple. It starts to produce since the time of the conception and the development of fetus. And the level continues to increase and goes on the peak at the puberty age of a person. The testosterone not only governs and controls the sexual functions in the human body of males but along with that, it also carries out a number of functions, click here.

The Function of Testosterone:

The Function of Testosterone

The importance of the testosterone cannot be denied in the human body. This hormone is having prime importance regarding a number of functions not only in men but also in women. Here is the list of the functions that are performed by testosterone in men:

  • Among all the functions of Testosterone, the most important one is to maintain the sexual health of the person. This hormone is responsible for increasing the sex drive of males.
  • Being a sexual hormone, testosterone is responsible for boosting the libido of men.
  • The semen volume, that is necessary for the motility of sperms, is also increased with the help of testosterone in men.
  • It also plays an important role in maintain the metabolism of males. Testosterone is responsible for the metabolism of fats and its distribution in the body.
  • The Testosterone hormone promotes the strength and the mass of the bones in the males.
  • It is also responsible for the promotion of healthy muscle mass in the human body of males.
  • Testosterone is also responsible for the development of the male secondary sex characteristics during his puberty like the growth of beard, deepening of the voice, broadness of shoulders etc.
  • Testosterone is also responsible for the promotion of hair growth on the body of men.

Besides all these functions, testosterone is the hormone of prime importance that leads to the development of the reproductive organs in the developing fetus. It also aids in musicalizing of brain. Not only this, it also gives man his aggression and attitude.

The Decline in Testosterone:

The normal range of the testosterone levels in men is approx. in between 300 to 700 ng/dL. All the values that lie in between this range are considered to be healthy. But in general the most appropriate value of the testosterone in healthy man is considered to be 689 ng/dL, according to the study published in the research that was conducted by Mayo Clinic.

But according to research on the Testosterone levels, a drop in the production of this hormone occurs after the age of 30. It is estimated that the production of testosterone begin to slow down at the rate of 1 percent per year after 30 years of age.

However, besides aging, there are other number of the reasons and causes that are causing the decline in the Testosterone Levels of men.

Causes of the Low Testosterone Levels in Men:

Causes of the Low Testosterone Levels in Men

The disease that is caused with the low testosterone levels is often termed as Hypogonadism. This is the disease that is characterized with the number of factors including low sex drive, hair loss, bone mass loss, muscle mass loss, baldness, depression and many others. It is regarded that the people with the testosterone levels lower than 300 ng/dL have hypogonadism.

Here are some of the causes that why most of the men are having Hypogonadism or low testosterone levels.

  • Low Production of Testosterone: among the number of causes, one of the most important cause for the hypogonadism is the less production of testosterone in the human body. There can be wide range of causes of its less production and inability of testes to produce testosterone is one of them.
  • The damage to Hypothalamus or other organs secreting it: as testosterone is produced in testes and adrenal gland, there could be the impaired actions of these organs to produce testosterone. Having low testosterone levels in the body can also be the combined action of physiological, hormonal and chemical changes in the body.
  • Lack of Physical Activity: another one of the common reason for the low testosterone levels in the human body is the lack of physical activity. With the increased physical activity and regular work outs, the levels of testosterone can be raised in the body.
  • Inadequate Diet: diet is the important factor that influences the testosterone levels in the body. The person that is not taking the proper diet for the secretion of testosterone hormones can face the decreased levels of testosterone in the body.

List of Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally in Men:

Diet is one of the most important factors that can help you to boost your testosterone levels in your body. If you are suffering from the lower T levels, the good news is here. You can now boost your T levels with the T boosting foods that are easy to get and tempting to your tongue. Wondering what natural food to eat for testosterone increase? Here is your list that you need to take to grocery store for your enhanced T levels:

1. Shrimps:

Casting your diet in the sea food like shrimp is the one sure way to boost the T levels in your body. As shrimps are the rich sources of Vitamin D, so these have the strongest link to the Testosterones. According to study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health Boston, it was proved that men having higher levels of Vitamin D also have higher T levels in their bodies. So adding the shrimps and seas food in your diet is the wisest choice for boosting the T levels.

2. Coconut:

Coconut can also be on your list of the foods that can increase your T levels. As coconut is the great source of the saturated fats, so this can be the best option for you to keep your T levels at its peak. It was proven in the study published in “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” that people who have switched their diets to the high saturated fat diets have increased testosterone levels in their bodies.

3. Eggs:

When it comes to the sexual health, eggs might come on the top of the list. As the egg yolk is rich in the dietary cholesterol and fats, it is the best source to increase your testosterone levels. As cholesterol is the building block of the testosterone, so it is not the rocket science to say that eggs can boost the T levels.

4. Garlic:

You have heard it right. Among the T boosting foods garlic is on the list. It is suggested through studies that the foods like garlic and onions that have the stinking smell can trigger the release of luteinizing hormone which plays an important role in production of testosterone. A side of garlic bread in your meal is not a deal of harm then.

5. Strawberries:

Strawberries are another yum and the rich source of food that can increase your T levels. The higher intakes of the strawberries can enhance your Testosterone levels in your body leading you healthy and fit in regards to your sexual well- being.

How to Naturally Remove a Skin Tag

How to Naturally Remove a Skin Tag

If you have a skin tag, the good news is that it is most likely not cancerous. And while it may be annoying to look at, there are ways to remove them. . There is some bad news though, especially if you don’t have health insurance or have insurance with a high deductible. Having one skin tag removed won’t cost much. If you have several skin tags that you are hoping to take care of at once, you best bet would still be to have them professionally removed. Other than seeking professional help, there are other strategies to removing a skin tag at home though. As with most of them, you most likely can find them in your kitchen pantry and if not, a short trip to the grocery will suffice. And after everything is said and done, you will save hundreds most likely. There are several “natural” remedies to removing a skin tag . And I happen to have 3 natural remedies that include oil from a tree found in Australia, and two other home remedies that moms have been using to treat all sorts of conditions .

Remove a skin tag by applying tea tree oil

Remove a skin tag by applying tea tree oil

The first home remedy is tea tree oil. But this is not the tree oil from any tree. You can only find this tree in Australia . What makes tea tree oil such a powerful essential oil in treating skin conditions is that it penetrates the skin cells and literally dries up the skin tag from inside out . The irony to this remedy is that it not only treats skin conditions but a host of other things and is a very powerful antiseptic, you can find out more.

Castor Oil

Another once popular but now looked down upon home remedy for nearly everything including labor induction is castor oil. Skin tags happen to be one of them . The one downside is that it has a very pungent smell, and you need to make a paste with baking soda. To help with smell, you can add an essential oil, like mint.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help to Remove a Skin Tag?

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help to Remove a Skin Tag

Another popular home remedy for skin tags is to use apple cider vinegar. The good news is that this remedy can be found literally in almost any grocery or health food store. But does it really work? The short answer is it does. And just like the two, because of how cheap and readily available they are, they all make perfect candidates for in the very least trying them than simply going to the doctor.

If you understand why they work, then you would understand the function behind them …. all three herbal remedies are essentially drying agents and dry the skin tag up.

If the herbal remedies take too long or you simply want a quick way to remove a skin, then there are other options….

Note that this is not a good solution if you are trying to remove multiple skin tags…

Duct Tape And Skin Tags

While most will use duct tape to hold something together, you can use duct to remove a skin tag or even a wart . Using duct tape works because it irritates the skin so much that the tag will literally turn black and die.

Tie A String Around It

Tie A String Around It

Another common way to remove a skin tag is to take a piece of string and tying the skin tag tightly at the base. Skin cells need oxygen to live and if the skin tag doesn’t get a constant supply of blood it will die . Cut off the skin tags oxygen and watch within a few days as the skin tag starts to wither.

Can I Cut My Skin Tag Off With A Knife?

The final remedy is probably the quickest albeit the most painful. Simply cut it off. The issue with this is that the skin tag could grow back in a few days to a month or so. Still, it doesn’t get any quicker than this, in terms of effectiveness.

Conquering the Cons of Self Improvement

Conquering the Cons of Self Improvement

Being an addict of self improvement I have seen both negative and positive sides of the process. Self improvement can be exhilarating and open your eyes to who you can be and what you can do, but it also can be a battle with low self esteem and self worth. Depression is one of the main reasons why I can’t fulfill a goal. The whole “you’re not good enough and you never will be” thing really tends to nip at your confidence. So how do you get out of the lowest point of your life when your confidence isn’t as strong as it could be?

First, know your limits when it comes to getting family and friends involve with your goals. Lets face it, sometimes we fail, it happens. Whether you’ve been on a diet for three weeks and during a weak moment you downed an entire container of double fudge ice cream or you’ve have been looking for a job for four months and have had no luck, nothing is more degrading than a family member saying “Hey, how’s that goal you were working on?” It’s best to avoid telling people who have or might possibly give you a pep talk about where your life is going because usually if you slip up it’s another trigger to an eye rolling pep talk.

Second, be realistic. If you haven’t exercised in three years don’t expect your body to be able to do 100 squats on the first day. We all have our limits and the longer you’ve been in this rut the bigger your limits are. When you are dealing with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression sticking to your goals can be that much harder so when you are starting out have easy goals to stick to. Lets say you are trying to find a job, instead of having one goal to find a job, split it into several goals like fill out five applications, rock your interviews, and then get a job. You never want to put too much pressure on yourself because when you fail the person that will be disappointed the most is yourself.

Third, never give up! Don’t worry, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, I am probably the biggest quitter I know. You’ve been working on the same goal for a century and you are still at square one. Quitting will be easier then following through and you’ve had about as much as you can take but guess what? Goals are never easy! If they were, we wouldn’t even need goals to begin with. So when you are feeling like you can’t take another second without chocolate or you can’t take another one of those mind-numbing questionnaires that come with most applications suck it up and show yourself who is boss.

And the most important rule to going through with your goals is to have faith. Find that person within yourself that thinks you are awesome and let them take over for a bit because you’ll never be able to complete a goal if you never had any faith to begin with.

The Irony of Self-improvement

The Irony of Self-improvement

So, let’s say you’re a high schooler with a whole summer of doing nothing whatsoever ahead. Yes, you’re glad to have a break, but won’t you get a little bored? At some point? Just a little? … Perhaps you’re a single mom, working a job that you don’t earnestly enjoy in order to support your little cub. But you long for something more – Anything that would provide some good old relaxation and recreation. Maybe it’s learning some video editing software to help with all those clips of said cub. Maybe you want to plant a garden in the backyard. Or maybe you just want to sit and read a good novel… Whatever it is, you should do it. Whether you’re just now hitting the stage of psychological development that allows you to think abstractly or you’re retired and things aren’t as fun as you thought they would be, the point is that, as human beings, we all have the desire within us to try something new, to “expand our horizons,” as my dad would say, to start doing the thing that we are best at or are deeply passionate about. Sometimes, though, we just can’t seem to take that first step toward the freedom that is expressing our creativity and making the most of our days, read this post here.

I think I’d win a Nobel if I answered the question of why we are many times our own worst enemy. That’s not what I’ve set out to do here… Not yet, at least! I’m also not going to give you some joke about how you can lose ten pounds in two weeks, just in time for bikini season or tell you the top five summer recipes that you just simply must try out. No. The title of my article (see that, I’m owning it) contextualizes self-improvement as an existential and self-actualizing asset. Literally, the only goal of this little piece of intellectual property is to provoke your thoughts. If you’ve read this far, first of all, thank you, and second of all, it’s almost over, so don’t look away.


… Because I want to share with you that I struggle with the aforementioned paradox. As a college student making my way out of a fairly lengthy period of depression, coping with obsessive compulsive disorder, and all the while maintaining my sobriety, I know how hard it is to realize our potential. However, I also know that we CAN do it. With the right motivation, the right support network around us, and with an ounce of courage, we CAN make a change in our lives, however small, for the better. I’ve been thinking for a little while now that I should really try to utilize my writing skills and maybe even make a little bit of money while I’m at it. It’s an interesting idea that I’ve struggled to manifest into action, because the internet is just so huge, and I’m just so small. Well, I may be small, but that doesn’t make me insignificant. So, here we go. I’m off to the races. I created an account on a popular “publish your writing” web site, for lack of better words, went with what seemed to be a pretty obvious topic for the circumstances, cranked out this magnificence, and finished in time to catch the end of the basketball game. Whether I don’t write another sentence for the rest of the summer, or I become an overnight success, I can rest easy knowing that I took that seemingly colossal step with that little ounce of courage and accomplished a loosely set goal that I had established for myself. And I’ll tell you what… It feels amazing. You should try it.

Natural Headache Remedies

Natural Headache Remedies

Headaches are a common complaint. Brands of over-the-counter pharmaceutical remedies are looking to corner the headache market. Open your favorite magazine or turn on the television and you will see ads for different pharmaceuticals promising to cure your headache: Advil, Tylenol, ASPIRIN®; the list goes on. But are drugs the most effective way to treat headaches? What are the natural remedies available?

Types of Headaches

Natural Headache Remedies

In order to most effectively treat your headache, you need to know what type of headache you have. Some of the most common types are migraine, tension, sinus and hypertension. Tension headaches are caused by tension in the muscles of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. Migraines are vascular headaches, meaning that they are caused by the dilation of blood vessels in your brain. Sinus headaches are related to sinus colds or infections. Sinus headaches are often also associated with allergies. Hypertension headaches are related to an increase in blood pressure. Vascular headaches have throbbing, sharp pain while tension headaches are dull with intense pressure. Sinus headaches are associated with cold symptoms such as congestion or runny nose.

Natural Remedies for Headaches

Tension headaches can most effectively be treated with bodywork such as chiropractic or massage. Moist heat or ice may also be effective. Sinus headaches benefit from lymph drainage massage or other treatments that address the face and skull, such as acupuncture or craniopathy. A warm moist washcloth placed over areas of congestion may also help.

Headaches that stem from hypertension may resolve by addressing high blood pressure issues. Changes in diet and exercise may be of great benefit in resolving high blood pressure. According to the authors of The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine, Joseph Pizzorno, Michael Murray and Herb Joiner-Bey; migraines may be resolved by avoiding common food allergens that have a high histamine component, such as chocolate, cheese, beer and wine and taking vitamin B2. The authors also recommend taking essential fatty acids and arachidonic acid, 5-HTP and magnesium. It is recommended that you be under the care of a trained holistic physician before beginning a course of nutritional supplementation. Headaches may also be the result of dehydration, low blood sugar, or lack of sleep. In this case, water, a high carb snack such as a piece of fruit, or a nap may be all that is required.

A Word of Caution About Headaches

A Word of Caution About Headaches

Headaches that are accompanied by blurred vision, nystagmus (where the eyes move rapidly back and forth involuntarily), vertigo and slurred speech may be a sign of stroke and should be treated as a medical emergency. Headaches that do not respond to treatment and are constant are often a sign of a deeper underlying problem. You should see your primary care physician and ask for a referral to a neurologist in this case, Investigate this site :

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.

How I Dealt With Tinnitus

How I Dealt With Tinnitus

From first detecting Tinnitus to eventually learning how to cope with it.

It was sometime in the spring of 2009 when I noticed a ringing in my left ear. Alarmed, I covered my ears to see if it was all in my head or if some sort of distant siren was going off. The high-pitched noise, it turns out, was in my mind, and I realized I heard it in my right ear, too.

My story is not uncommon; according to the American Tinnitus Association, up to 50 million people suffer from tinnitus, or, a constant ringing in the ears, in the United States alone. Many more suffer worldwide. The causes are varied and include exposure to loud noise, hearing loss, and stress. As of now, there is no cure.

After letting the facts settle in and coping with the stress and sleepless nights that followed, I began to adjust to the situation, and realized that I should do whatever I could to ensure that no further damage would be done to my ears.

Earplugs for Musicians

I knew why my problem had started. I started playing guitar when I was 16 and I never used any sort of ear protection, despite being surrounded by loud amplifiers and drums. I also have a disposition toward anxiety – the combination of hearing damage and stress seemed to trigger my tinnitus.

My problem, therefore, was two-fold, and needed a response that protected against both the hearing damage that inevitably occurs when playing in a band without ear protection, and a reduction in my level of stress.

Earplugs for Musicians

My situation was exasperated further by the fact that I sing in my band, so wearing traditional earplugs can be problematic, as I am no longer able to hear what I am singing, especially in a loud bar or club. Fortunately, traditional earplugs are not the only types that exist, and there are many brands that produce earplugs for musicians – these plugs, instead of muffling all sound, only cut out certain frequencies, far out of the normal range that a musician needs to hear to perform.

After a few practices, I felt comfortable enough with my earplugs to sing live, and felt much better about performing, knowing that I would not be making the ringing in my ears worse every time I plugged in my guitar or stood next to my drummer.

Reducing My Stress to Control My Tinnitus

This was more difficult, but I have seen progress through increased exercise, a reduction in caffeine, and occasional meditation. None of this is groundbreaking – these are some of the most important things for anyone who wants to decrease their level of stress, and people have known that for a long time. The problem is actually putting it into practice. I made a checklist of things that I must do every single week. For some reason, if I have a list staring at me I have to complete it. That worked for me, and other methods might work for others – but the point is to find whatever works and stick to it.

No Reduction in Tinnitus, But a Reduction in How Much I Minded

No Reduction in Tinnitus, But a Reduction in How Much I Minded

Just knowing I was doing my best to adapt to the ringing in my ears made me feel better about my situation, and as my level of stress began to decrease, the amount of attention I paid to the high-pitched screeching in my ears declined. Although it is there if I think about it, I don’t think about it as often, and when I do, I’m glad I caught it early enough to make sure it doesn’t get worse. I just see it as a reminder that I need to be more careful and live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe I needed that constant siren in my head telling me how not to live.

Maintenance Guide for an Electric Toothbrush

Maintenance Guide for an Electric Toothbrush

If cared for properly, an electric toothbrush should last several years if not longer. To properly care for an electric toothbrush, a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule should be followed.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean After Each Use & Store Dry

An electric toothbrush should be properly cleaned after each use. Proper cleaning of an electric toothbrush will help remove plaque and food materials from the toothbrush. To clean an electric toothbrush, simply run it under water for a few seconds after each use. Electric toothbrushes can also be cleaned by rinsing the brush head with a small amount of antiseptic mouthwash to help inhibit bacterial growth. Another way to inhibit bacterial growth on an electric toothbrush is to store it in a dry location, wet areas are breeding ground for bacteria.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean Handle & Inside Weekly

To ensure that an electric toothbrush remains in good repair, the inside and handle should be cleaned at least weekly. A mild soap and cloth or q-tip may be used to clean the smaller areas of the toothbrush. Clean the handle, the button, the base, and remove the head and clean the attachment area. Some toothbrushes, like the uSmile Pro electric toothbrush, have a small nut visible on the base when the brush head is removed. We recommend removing the head of the electric toothbrush, removing the nut, then cleaning the nut and the area under the nut at least weekly. The best way to ensure that weekly cleaning is completed is to pick a day and do maintenance on the same day every week.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean Charger Base Monthly or As Needed

The electric toothbrush charger base should be cleaned when visibly soiled or once a month. The charger base should be unplugged from the wall prior to cleaning. Do not submerge the charger base in water as it will most likely ruin the electronic components. Clean the charger base with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Rinse out the cloth and rinse the charger base with the damp cloth, do not submerge or rinse the charger in water. Completely dry the charger base prior to plugging it back in to avoid damage or injury. Clean your charger base on the first of the month (or whatever day you chose) and when visibly soil.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Replacing Your Brush Head

Each electric toothbrush manufacturer may have their own guidelines on when to replace the electric toothbrush head. One guideline recommended across the board is to replace the brush head when the bristles are visible worn. You can tell your bristles are worn when they lay down, split, or look frayed. We recommend replacing your electric toothbrush head at least every six months or when worn. Some electric toothbrush manufacturers include a fade indicator on the brush that tells you when it is halfway worn so there is not question about when it is time to replace the brush. If you are unsure, check with your manufacturer but always replace when visibly worn, and replace at least every six months.

Vitamins to Prevent Cancer

Vitamins to Prevent Cancer

There is no way to know if an individual will develop cancer in the future, but there are many diet factors that can help to prevent the condition. One of the easiest diet changes is to add certain vitamins to the diet. Some vitamins have been shown to reduce the risk for this medical condition, learn more here. Two of these vitamins include vitamin C and vitamin E.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E for Cancer

Vitamin C and Vitamin E for Cancer

Vitamin C has been shown to help reduce the risk for cancer, and is especially effective in helping to prevent cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach and pancreas. It is also very effective in helping to prevent cancer of both the cervix and the lungs. Vitamin C works especially well for those that suffer from ulcers, by helping to inhibit the growth of H. pylori, a bacteria that often causes ulcers. This makes it very effective in helping to prevent this from leading to stomach cancer. It also works to block the formation of certain carcinogens, and helps prevent damage to the cells by fighting against free radicals. All of these are factors that are often associated with cancer. Many medical professionals suggest taking anywhere from 200 mg to 500 mg a day. Many medical practitioners suggest avoiding going over 500 mg, since dosages higher than this do not seem to have any additional benefits.

Vitamin E helps to protect cells in the body from being damaged or destroyed by free radicals. It does this by working as a powerful antioxidant and improving the immune system. This helps to regulate many important enzymes in the body, which then helps to control the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Vitamin E is usually suggested in a dosage of 15 IU a day for men, and 20 IU a day for women. However, males should discuss the possibility of taking a higher dosage, especially if they are concerned with prostate cancer, since higher dosages can drastically reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Although these vitamins can be very effective in helping to prevent cancer, it’s also important to follow a healthy diet that covers all of the basic nutrients and vitamins. It’s also important to be cautious with lifestyle choices, such as alcohol, smoking, drugs and exercise.

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