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Bray Blasts To Title Contention With New World Record

Apologies to those that logged on earlier looking for results from ravenswood raceway’s round of the championship. A phone connection problem from the race track made it impossible to log on from the event.

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Victor Bray provided an awesome display of high horsepower driving.

Victor Bray Top Doorslammer Career Statistics

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Top Doorslammer Round One

Stevens clutch drags him through the start beams bringing on the red and adding about a second to his 60ft and ET. The Studebaker shakes badly through the lower gears but recovers.
Stevens clutch
Stevens Clutch
Kapiris blew the tyres off the car at about eighty feet, pedaled it then went into savage shake. Simpson also spun the tyres off the line, went into shake and got right over near the wall before giving it away.
Kapiris Blew
Kapiris Blew
Judd story was another of shake, shake, shake while Searle never moved three feet before savage wheel spin had him lift for a slow sixty footer. He got back on it and salvaged something.
Marvin Bell
Marvin Bell

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A Guide To Cleaning Every Part of Your Car’s Interior

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You may not realize it, but there are a lot of different parts to your car’s interior. How often do you clean them? How well do you know how to clean them? We’ve put together this guide that will help answer these questions and more!

Clean The Steering Wheel And Dashboard Of Your Car:

Clean The Steering Wheel And Dashboard Of Your Car

You can clean the steering wheel and dashboard with a damp cloth. If you do not have access to water, use a wet napkin or paper towel instead. Pro tip: Use your shirt sleeve as an impromptu towel! Wipe down the center console, gear shift, and door handles using warm soapy water or soap wipes with dryer sheets for extra freshness. To help keep dashboards from getting dusty again too soon, try applying paste wax once every six months before polishing it off with a microfiber cloth.

Clean The Center Console:

The center console is probably the most overlooked part of your car’s interior, but it can get pretty disgusting. How do you clean the inside? Fairsquare recommend starting with a vacuum first and then wiping down any surfaces that are visibly dirty. For tougher stains, use some baking soda mixed with water to scrub away debris and residue on hard plastics like cup holders. You might need to take out loose items in order to fully access all parts, so tuck them back afterward for when you pick up our next suggestion!

Clean your car Seats

Clean your car Seats

Vacuum the seats in your car to get rid of dust and dirt. Apply a gentle cleaner such as vinegar or dish soap onto the seat, then use an old towel to scrub it off. You should clean upholstery fabric with mild detergent while leather requires special care products for cleaning its delicate material.

If you have white seats in your vehicle, you can also apply baking soda on them until they are covered generously before giving them a good rubdown with your hands. This will help eliminate stains that may be caused by sweat, oil from skin contact, and food spills.

Clean the Interior Carpet:

Vacuum your car’s carpet using the high-power vacuum on a low setting; this will help remove any dirt and debris from the fibers of the carpet. Don’t forget to vacuum around all seats too!

For tougher stains or dirty carpets try mixing one part distilled white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle, then use an upholstery brush to scrub away at stubborn spots. Rinse well after cleaning by spraying down with more vinegar/water mix and blotting dry with paper towels.

Get Rid Of Odor From Your Car:

It’s important to get rid of odors in your car as soon as possible. There could be several sources for the smell, and it may not be obvious where the odor is coming from until you sniff around.


You’ve made it to the end of our guide and we hope you have learned some new tips that will help your car look as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Tracker

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a device that monitors and records various physical activities. Some people use them to track their progress in fitness, while others wear them for medical purposes. The most popular type of fitness tracker on the market today is wristbands. These devices can monitor things like heart rate, sleep quality, steps taken, and more! We will discuss here why you should Koretrak Pro Test fitness tracker and some benefits they offer.

The fitness tracker device offers solutions to individuals who are looking for a way to monitor their fitness progress. This device offers benefits on things such as weight loss, calorie intake, and more. Here are few using benefits are described below:

Tracking your Steps

Tracking your Steps

With a fitness tracker, you can see how far you’ve gone and the progress that has been made. It is easier to keep track of your steps by using a fitness tracker when compared with a pedometer because it will not be less accurate.

Tips on Free Workout and Trainer:

Steps are the basis of distance for walking, running, and hiking. The fitness tracker will show that you have gone a certain number of steps which equals how much time has been spent doing your exercise routine. The fitness tracker will help you see how many calories have been burnt.

Helps to Desirable Goal

To achieve a better outcome, set a realistic goal that can be gained. You cannot lose weight when you sedentary life and do not exercise regularly. By using a fitness tracker, it will help you achieve realistic goals within the time frame.

Monitor your Health:

A fitness tracker watches and record your heart bit, burned your daily calories, and counts your steps.

Competition and Team Spirit

Fitness trackers are great for both the individual and team. A fitness tracker will allow you to see what your daily activity levels look like, which is a major motivator in increasing them. They also have apps that help you set goals, create workouts, and compete with friends or other teams via social media or text messages. This can be an excellent way to get some healthy competition going! If you’re not interested in using a fitness tracker on your own, there are many companies that offer discounts if multiple employees use their products.

Promote Incentives activity in the Working place

Promote Incentives activity in the Working place

It is important to know the benefits of using a fitness tracker. If you are looking for more motivation, increased productivity, and improved quality of life for your health, we recommend investing in one today. These devices can be used by anyone from individuals who want to get healthy or stay on top of their fitness goals to those who need help to manage their diabetes or hypertension. They are perfect for all ages and levels of activity! Fitness trackers make it easy for users with different needs and abilities to monitor progress towards their personal goal with the simple tap of a button.

Conclusion A fitness tracker is an electronic device that helps you to track your physical activity. It monitors the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned every day. They are small enough to strap on one’s wrist, arm or shoe so they can be worn while working out or doing other activities throughout the day. Want to learn more about how a fitness tracker might help you? Check out these resources for information on their benefits and features as well as tips for getting started with your new purchase!

Achievement, Aptitude, and Capacity in IQ Testing

Capacity in IQ Testing

We live in a society that uses many different kinds of tests for many different purposes. It is important to understand both the purpose of a particular test and the assumptions that underlie its use. There are at one   extreme, achievement tests.

The purpose of IQ Test

The purpose of IQ Test

Their purpose is to measure as accurately as possible how much you have learned before taking the test. Thus when you finish a college course, you usually take an exam. The purpose of the exam is to assess how much of the course content you have learned. Though it is possible that students with high IQs will receive higher exam grades, they receive no special credit for having a high IQ. The slower plodding student who works hard may receive a higher grade than the brilliant student who does not study. This is wholly appropriate since the only purpose of the exam as an achievement test is to measure how much of the tested material has in fact been learned more.

There are other occasions however when tests are used to predict some future performance. For example the military wants to predict the likelihood that a given candidate for aircraft pilot training will successfully complete the complicated and expensive course of training. To fly a plane well requires among other things, good physical coordination and a good sense of mechanical matters. Thus all candidates for pilot training are non madly given a battery of aptitude tests including tests of mechanical   aptitude and of eye-hand coordination, which are used to predict how well they’ll do in the training program. People with poor scores on such tests tend to fail pilot training.

What is the distinction between an achievement test and an aptitude test?

The distinction between an achievement test and an aptitude test thus depends on the purpose to which the test is put. It is impossible to distinguish between the two types of tests on other grounds. The very same item can be-and often is-included in both achievement and aptitude tests. Think back to the entrance examination you took before being accepted   by your college, The college thought of that exam as an aptitude test! from which it predicted that you would do well in college. That is your ”scholastic aptitude” was found to be high. The questions you answered, however were very similar to questions that you had earlier answered in high-school course examinations The same questions were then regarded as part of an achievement test. When you did poorly on such an achievement test in high school you might have argued that the test did not reflect your aptitude-only the fact that you had not studied enough for it. nose who do poorly on a rest of scholastic aptitude can just as reasonably argue that the test reflects nothing more than their failure to study enough-but in this instance the failure to study would have occurred over a long time span. The failure to have studied, it should be obvious does not necessarily mean that person could not have mastered the material on the aptitude test.

The fundamental equivalence of aptitude and achievement tests is best seen in tests that serve both purposes simultaneously-that is can be used either as an achievement test or as an aptitude test. Driving tests are used not only to assess how well a person has learned to drive (achievement) but also to predict whether that person will be able to drive a car safely on public highway (aptitude). Medical licensing exam’s the bar exam for lawyers, and licensing examinations for clinical psychologists all play the same dual role: They are used to assess how much people have learned.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Yard

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Yard

During the warmer summer months we enjoy being outside and taking in all the summer beauty and those biting mosquitoes can certainly put a damper on our enjoyment.  So getting rid of mosquitoes in our yards and homes is important to our outdoor enjoyment.  Mosquitoes are not only annoying but carry diseases such as Malaria and West Nile.

Knowing how to get rid of mosquitoes is an important factor.  The first thing is knowing how to prevent mosquitoes in the first place.

There are some easy ways to detect if you are breeding mosquitoes in your own yard.  This can be easily done is just a few minutes of walking around your yard and inspecting certain areas that can breed and draw mosquitoes in to your yard.

Children’s outside

Most importantly look for areas that have standing water.  Mosquitoes love standing water and lay eggs in standing water to bring their young biting mosquitoes into your yard, Going here. Areas to look for in your yard that may be breeding mosquitoes:

  • Children’s outside toys that can accumulate water, if possible, simply turn them over to keep the water off.
  • Storage bins or toys bins that you keep for outdoor pool equipment or toys.  This can be eliminated by punching small holes in the bottom to keep the water draining out.
  • Have you cleaned your gutters lately?  Gutters that are clogged do not allow the water to drain and draw mosquitoes to the standing water.
  • If you have any debris in your yard, it is important to inspect any old tires or items that can attract mosquitoes.
  • Check your outside spigots and make sure that there is no dripping water creating a standing puddle in your yard.
  • If you keep your lawn equipment outside, make sure it is not gathering water.
  • If you have a birdbath, make sure that you change the water frequently to help get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Ornamental pools that have standing water can also attract mosquitoes.
  • Keep your lawn mowed short to help get rid of mosquitoes.

So just by checking these few areas can help you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard and with just a few small changes can not only get rid of mosquitoes outside but in your home as well.

If you have mosquitoes, there are some simple ways to get of them.

Use a mosquito zapper.  There are ornamental mosquito zappers that you would not even know they are a zapper.

Spraying your yard with a natural pesticide will help getting rid of mosquitoes and/or reduce their population in your yard.

Use yellow bug lights at night to deter them from your yard.

mosquitoes around your deck

If you are sitting outside and want to get rid of the mosquitoes around your deck, use a fan to blow them away.  Mosquitoes don’t like the wind.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves the holidays, entertaining and the outdoors and loves to share her tips and tricks with you.

5 Car Rentals Around Los Angeles Airport Boulevard

5 Car Rentals Around Los Angeles Airport Boulevard

Renting a car is usually something that is done prior to actually landing in Los Angeles, but did you know that there are some car rental companies that will offer that extra bit of convenience to your arrival that makes all the difference after a long flight? Sure, you could drag your luggage clear across the terminal and then hoof it down to some of the car rentals around the Los Angeles airport … but why?

There are 11 car rental agencies which have contractual customer shuttle pick up as well as drop off privileges at LAX. Advantage rentals, Alamo rent a car, Avis, Budget car rentals, Dollar rent a car, Enterprise, Hertz, Fox, Payless, National car rentals and Thrifty all offer courtesy shuttles that pick up tired fliers directly from the airline terminals. Book your car rental with one of these companies, and you may seek out one of the conveniently located “rental car shuttles” signs that are placed close to the baggage claims.

Check out five of these companies – all located on or around Airport Boulevard – which not only offer the convenience of a consumer pickup but also include some rather attractive money saving offers.

Car Rentals

Alamo Rent-A-Car

Located at 9020 Aviation Boulevard, you may reach the company to make reservations at 800-462-5266. When you prepay your rental online, you may save 10% on the overall fee! With these kinds of savings, why not rent a luxury SUV like the Cadillac Escalade for you and your family?

Avis Rent-A-Car

Shuttles will take you to 3217 Airport Boulevard when you call 310-342-9103 to set up your reservations. If you use your American Express card to pay for your rental, you will receive 25% off the rate. Keep the car for at least three days, and Avis throws in a $25 American Express rewards car.

Budget Rent-A-Car

Cars are located at the 9775 Airport Boulevard lot and may be reserved by calling 310-642-4500. When you reserve a compact car you may be able to claim a discount of up to $25 per week.

Hertz Rent-A-Car

Located at 9000 Airport Boulevard, simply contact 800-654-3131 to book your rental. AAA members will save big at Hertz, and the opportunity to either receive two free days, $25 off another rental, and even $50 off a monthly rental all come courtesy of the Auto Club membership.

National Car Rental

Finally, National Car Rental is located at 9419 Airport Boulevard. Contact the car rental agency at 800-462-5266 to set up your car rental by phone. Offering greenhouse gas emission offsets, this eco friendly company also has a variety of specials for consumers, most notably some e-coupons for $15 off a three day weekend rental or $30 off a weekly rental.

Sharpening a Hunting Knife the Correct Way

Sharpening a Hunting Knife the Correct Way

You should sharpen your hunting knife whenever you see or feel a difference in the knife’ ability to cut. One way people test for sharpness is to run the pad of the thumb over the edge of the knife; this works but is dangerous. A better method is to try to cut a piece of paper, if the blade glides through the paper with out crumpling it the knife is sharp. So you have a frame of reference, try cutting a piece of paper with your new knife, before you cut anything else. When you sharpen your knife, this is what you are looking for, can you do better, sure, but only with practice.

Tools for Sharpening:

Tools for Sharpening

Knife sharpeners come in many shapes and sizes, some are made from natural materials others are synthetic. Some knife sharpeners are run off your house current, but I am not going to talk about these. The 3 main types of sharpeners are Arkansas Stone, Ceramic, Diamond, there are others but I will stop there.

Arkansas Stone:

If you ever watched your dad or grandfather sharpening a knife this is most likely what they used. As the name implies, this sharpener is made from a form of stone. Used for many generations, this is a relatively inexpensive sharpener, but is considered by many to be one of the best. The stone comes in grades and usually consists of 2 pieces of stone with differing amounts of roughness glued together.


Great for finishing a knife

Offers a very high degree if durability and will last a lifetime. Great for finishing a knife, but is not the best choice for a really dull blade. Ceramic knife sharpeners usually consist of a wooden base and 2 ceramic sharpening rods. Some of the smaller “pocket” sharpeners use ceramic as the sharpening material, these are lightweight and easy to pack and make a great addition to your hunting equipment,


Offers the user speed and durability, diamond ships are embedded into the surface of the knife sharpener. The diamond sharpener is used in the same manner as the Arkansas stone sharpener. Although relatively new and a bit more money, the diamond knife sharpeners are gaining followers rapidly.


With both the diamond and Arkansas Stone knife sharpeners you need lubricant, unless the manufacturer specified it as unnecessary in the directions that came with the sharpener. Honing oil or good quality general-purpose oil is used with the Arkansas Stone sharpeners. Water with a small amount of soap can be used with the diamond surface knife sharpeners. The lubricant is not used to help the knife glide; it is used to help remove the microscopic particles of steel that are left behind on the sharpener as the knife is sharpened.

How to Sharpen a Hunting Knife

The first step in sharpening a hunting knife is to determine the correct blade angle. This is easy to do, just look at the existing angle of the blade. You want to duplicate this angle. Once you have determined the correct angle and have lubricated the stone (if required) you place the stone on a solid surface and draw the knife across the sharpener. You should draw the knife in such a manner that it is cutting into the surface, not being dragged backwards. I prefer to draw the knife towards me, I have a few friends who go away from themselves, it is up to you. Maintaining the correct angle is critical, as is doing the same number of passes on each side, therefore keeping the edge even. If you find it difficult to maintain the correct angle, both DMT and Lansky offer sharpening systems that maintain the correct angle once set.

Once you have made a few passes on each side, clean the blade with a rag or moist sponge and test for sharpness. If you find the blade is sharp enough clean it up and oil it, if it is still dull continue sharpening until the desired degree of sharpness is acquired.

What is GBWhatsapp APK and How to Get it?

What is GBWhatsapp APK and How to Get it

What are you looking for in a messaging app? Is it convenience, privacy, or something else? GBWhatsapp Apk is the best way to stay connected with friends and family. It allows you to hide your online status so that people cannot see when you’re available or not (and avoid spam). Furthermore, this app provides up to 90 photos and 30MB of video uploads. You can also upload multiple files at once! If none of these features sound appealing, then we have good news- there are twenty free themes waiting for you!

What is GB Whatsapp Apk?

What is GB Whatsapp Apk

GBWhatsapp Apk is a full updated official Whatsapp mod for Androids. The Whatsapp mod is designed with simplicity in mind.

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk?

GBWhatsapp Apk has many features that allow you to customize the way the app functions. One of the main features is that it allows you to hide your online status, upload up to 90 photos and 30MB of video, upload multiple videos at a time, enter up to 250 characters for your status, and get free themes. You can also block annoying people by adding them back or rejecting their request with just one swipe away!

If you are looking for an easy-to-use alternative chatting application then GB Whatsapp will do the job well. The interface is very intuitive but if you need some help there is always live support available 24/07 in English language (US). There’s nothing wrong with having this app.

Where to download GBwhatsapp?

You can’t find GBWhatsapp in Google playstore. Soon we will upload it there. But now you will find this app on our website. Download GBWhatsapp apk file and install it on your android device.

GBwhatsapp vs Whatsapp

When you want to use Whatsapp but you can’t because the app is not supported in your country, then you have to download an alternative. One of these alternatives is GBWhatsApp. This application offers all the features that Whatsapp has and also many more!

– You can hide your online status

– There are no limits for uploading photos or videos

The main difference between this mod and whatsapp lies with a few important aspects: firstly, it’s free of charge while Whatsap costs money which might be a problem when travelling abroad; secondly, it doesn’t need anything else than one click on install so we don’t have to root our device; thirdly, its size is smaller than WhatsApp.

How to install GB Whatsapp

How to install GB Whatsapp

The installation process is simple, and you don’t need to have any knowledge about the installation.

– Download GB Whatsapp apk file from our website.

– After downloading, install it on your device with help of a third party app installer like Astro File Manager or Solid Explorer (both are free).

– Done! You can now use this modded WhatsApp anytime without having any trouble.

– To make sure that everything is functioning properly, go into Settings > Installed APPS > Select “WhatsApp Web”. If installed, Websites will appear in a list for connection with an active internet connection.

The WhatsApp mod is a great (and free) way to make your life easier and more efficient.  Some of the features we love are the ability to create groups, broadcast messages, and even receive reminders when you’ve been offline for too long. If this sounds like something that could help you become better organized in your day-to-day routine or just be generally happier with how things work at home or work, download it today!

What Makes a Good Bowie Knife?

What Makes a Good Bowie Knife

Although you may think that a knife is just a simple knife, then try to get one knife and use it for all kinds of things that you would usually use a knife for. For example, use that knife to slice a bread, to dice those onions, to cut open that can of soup, to pare an apple, and to slice that chunk of beef into smaller pieces. You think that it can be done. You are right. It is not impossible but it is going to be very difficult. And that is why you will find various types of knives being sold on television and in the market.

various types of knives

One type of knife is the Bowie knife and this one has become a name, thanks to Colonel James Bowie who also goes by the nickname Jim. Bowie has created various forms and designs of the Bowie knife and at present, a lot of people are collecting such, Check out for effective information right now. See, they are known to be part of the history and of wars. And being a part of history and made during the period when things were really of quality, Bowie knives are known to be really good and to have the capacity to withstand time and wear.

A good Bowie knife has a blade that measures about six inches long and that is around 15 centimeters. It also has a width that measures around an inch and a half or two inches. This blade is made from steel so it really is strong and will really stand through various types of materials that it will go through. The steel’s thickness is around a quarter of an inch.

It is also known that a good Bowie knife will have a strip of soft metal at the back. There have been various reasons told as per why there is such. One reason says that the soft metal was designed in that place so that it will help get the weapon from an enemy during an attack. Another reason is said that the soft metal supports the blade by absorbing the energy from the blade itself.

good Bowie knife

To know a good Bowie knife is not exactly something that you can get by just reading through pieces of information on it. It is something that you really get to learn through experience and by learning about experts on the antique Bowie knife has to say about it.

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream for Sexy Hands

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream

Dry skin ages. Worse, rough skin can look downright ugly and is difficult to eradicate. The extent of ugly surprised me when my fingertips began to crack and peel. Looking like a curse from the dermatology gods, I happened upon Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream amid the many choices for dry skin salvation.

Why would I buy Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream for my hands?

Why would I buy Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream for my hands

Besides tendencies towards rebellion, my concern is that most hand creams designed for dry hands do not combat dry skin. Additionally, dry feet are often in worse shape than hands, so foot lotion should be more intensive. What ultimately sold me is that, unlike most moisturizers, Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream contains alpha-hydroxy (AHA).

Alpha-hydroxy aids in the removal of dead skin, including that which cracks and peels, which is often a barrier to moisturizing treatments. Another benefit is that alpha hydroxy promotes healing and deeper skin hydration.

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream In-store and Home Regimen

My peeling fingertips, cracks included, demanded attention in the store, as they hurt. Consequently, I didn’t make it to the cashier before opening the 3 oz. tube of Eucerin Plus Intensive Foot Cream. However, I wasn’t expecting the lotion to expel quite so easily. While in stride in a store isle, a mini skin treatment was implemented.

Some relief came instantly, not surprisingly. The question is would the moisturizer results be more than superficial?

A few hours later the leper-like skin remained smoother and I decided to give my hands another dose of Eucerin Plus as well as my feet. Why not multi-task skincare a bit and use the product as intended. I had ignored my dry heels lately, feeling they were a lost cause this winter, sans a sandblaster.

Evening arrived and I applied another application of Eucerin Plus Intensive Foot Cream and added another area, a dry bumpy skin patch I discovered on my leg. No, you will not see my winter skin on a Dove commercial. That is unless they use a “Before” picture to scare people into buying their concoctions.

The next morning…dermatology magic. I awoke to better skin.

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream, Day One to Day Five.

My dermatological conditions did not disappear, but within 24 hours the bleeding skin crack healed over somewhat and no new ones developed. This alone was worth the $4.54 purchase price. (Think paper cut relief).

Dead skin layers became more pronounced and were exfoliated. The dry patch on my leg was largely improved as well.

On Day Two, four to five treatments of Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream were applied to propel progress. On Day Three, smooth skin seemed a real possibility.

Less motivated by pain, and no longer scaring people who take money out of my hands, on Day Four I forgot all but one application. The skin problems became more obvious again, though remained clearly improved. On Day Five I applied the lotion at least three times and healing is stable but slow going.

Final Notes on Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream

Eucerin Plus makes an excellent choice for people with dry skin that do not have an underlying process to blame. In this case, the peeling skin may be an environmental reaction as another household member is affected mildly. Most men reject anything that resembles a beauty product, unless they think of it, so I won’t bother offering my tube of relief.

Even as such, Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Cream preempted further complications and promoted significant healing. The cream spreads well and little more than a pea-sized amount is needed for each hand and foot, making it more economical at under $5. Lastly, dry feet were found not to be a lost cause after all – they, for once, look in better shape than my hands do. Too bad it’s winter, I’m nearly ready for sandals.

Obedience Training: Teaching Your Dog to Heel

Teaching Your Dog to Heel

The heel command is an obedience exercise used when walking so that the dog walks precisely next to you, matching your pace, and sitting whenever you come to a stop. As a pet owner, you might not really care if your dog walks exactly next to you. If you’re not going to show or agility train your dog, then you might find it rather useless. However, though this command might be used less frequently then the vital “sit” or “down” it’s usefulness may surprise you.

In crowded conditions, you may wish your dog would walk politely by you without pulling or impatiently maneuvering around people with you in tow, having to make excuses for his behavior. Worse yet is the day that the leash accidentally breaks or is lost and you need to control your dog until you can get him home or into the car. “Heel” may prove useful to you in circumstances like these, but your needs to be old enough to practice self control.

Obedience Training

The necessary first step is that your dog can walk on a leash without pulling. For this reason, and longer attention spans, it’s easier to wait until your puppy’s a bit older. Unlike walking on a leash without pulling, the “heel” demands that the dog stay in the very small window of around your leg without any deviation to sniff other dogs, hydrants, or stray in any way. You may think the occasional bathroom break is just fine, just so long as you can get your dog back into the “heel” position when asked.

The basis of heeling or any other training for that matter is finding a reward your dog responds to. Usually food is fine; just make sure your dog will do the necessary steps in order to get that reward. Begin with your dog on your left side, on a leash. Have him sit nicely beside you, holding the leash in your right hand, and pick up any slack using your left. Using a small enticing treat, bring it to his nose just out of reach and say happily “heel!” Walk about 10 spaces, slow to a stop, and pull up on the leash, putting your dog in a sitting position. Reward him with the treat, find more info.

With enough practice on your walks your dog should be able to walk nicely beside you without the treat or you having to pick up too much of the slack. He may get so good as to walk off leash, but beware your areas’ leash laws and his own ability. Never practice with your dog off leash unless you are in a distraction-free zone like your house or backyard.

Information on Thrifty Car Rental Service

Information on Thrifty Car Rental Service

Thrifty Car Rental has headquarters based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has 1,045 rental locations worldwide, both at airports and off airport property within towns.

Vehicle Availability and Rates

The standard fleet of vehicles at Thrifty Car Rental features mostly Chryslers as well as a few other superior rental cars. Thrifty Rental has more than 185,317 cars in their fleet within the United States and Canada, however choices vary by location and availability. Thrifty has broken their vehicle classification into twelve different categories. Categories and examples of possible vehicles included in each categoryare:

Vehicle Availability and Rates

Economy-Chevrolet Aveo
Compact-Dodge Caliber
Specilaity-Wild Car(Mid size or larger guaranteed but with rates lower than a mid size)
Mid Size-Chrysler Sebring
Mid Size Crossover-Chrysler PT Cruiser
Full Size -Dodge Charger
Premium-Chrysler 300 or Pacifica
Luxury-Chrysler 300 Touring
SUV-Jeep Wrangler
Van-Dodge Caravan
Convertible-Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Special-Chrysler PT Cruiser

Rental rates are based on location, vehicle chosen, and length of rental. Thrifty Rental guarantees you will receive their best price available when booking online. Making reservations far in advance will typically result in better deals. If you choose any of the optional extras, your rate will increase. Some equipment options can be confirmed during the reservation process these include but are not limited to child seats ($8/day) and hand controls. Other optional extras can not be confirmed until pickup. These “Requested Now” options include but are not limited to ski equipped vehicle, non-smoking vehicle, and navigation systems ($11.99/day).

Reservation Information

Reservation Information

Reservations can be made online at Jyprentals or over the phone by calling 1-800-THRIFTY within the United States and Canada and 1-918- 669-2168 outside of the United States. Over the phone you may use the automated system or speak with a customer service representative. Assistance is also available online by using the instant messaging online chat with a customer service representative. You will need to indicate your location for pickup, your arrival and departure dates. You will then be given the list of vehicles to chose from. A credit card is not necessary to reserve the vehicle. However, if you are paying by credit card once you return your vehicle, be sure it is not a key ring credit card, as Thrifty does not accept them unless you have the standard size as a backup.

If you are considering using a debit card to pay for your rental, you should check with the actual location of pickup first. Many Thrifty Rental locations in the United States accept debit card, but be sure to check ahead of time.


On the Thrifty Car Rental website ( you will find more information about the vehicles available including maximum occupancy and the amount of luggage it can accommodate. From the main page you can indicate your pick-up location and dates and request to see all vehicles available at that pick-up location rather than having to specify the category first. You will then be shown a list of available vehicles and their rental rate. Once you choose, you will then also be shown “Hot Deals” for that particular location. Thrifty guarantees you will receive their best rates available by booking online.

You will also find tabs labeled for information about deals, rewards, customer care, and programs to explore on the website.

Perks and Discounts

When renting from Thrifty Rental be sure to sign up for their “Blue Chip Programs.” There is no fee to do so and it offers some nice rewards. The “Blue Chip Rewards Program” rewards you for frequent rentals. Thrifty keeps track of your renting and after 16 days of rentals you are entitled to airline mileage or a free day of renting any vehicle from compact to full size. Thrifty also has a “Blue Chip Express Rental Program” which gets you through the pick-up process quicker because your preferences are logged in ahead of time. The “Blue Chip Program” also rewards you for parking in Thrifty lots at the airport and entitles you to 50% off on vehicle upgrades.

The Thrifty website features a “Deals” tab where you can find featured deals and deals by regions. Military and federal government employees can receive a free day’s rental of GPS navigation or a free upgrade. Coupons for these offers are available on the under the “Programs” tab.

Perks and Discounts

The “Customer Care” tab on the website provides links to different types of typical customer questions or concerns as well as phone numbers and email formats for different types of situations. The fact that a live online chat is available is a great customer service tool as well.

Customer Service and Feedback

The “Customer Care” tab on the website provides links to different types of typical customer questions or concerns as well as phone numbers and email formats for different types of situations. The fact that a live online chat is available is a great customer service tool as well

Analyzing the Dollars and Cents of Retail EPOS Software

EPOS Software

Of course, everyone is fully aware that software for your business is not cheap. But at the same time, the prices that you are paying for much of your inventory may not be so cheap either. Just as you will not sacrifice items that sell well in your store due to costs, you should not sacrifice software that will allow you ultimate control just because of costs. There are plenty of ways to save money, which can all be discovered with the use of retail EPOS software. The money you save just in a single month with the use of the software can easily cover the expense.

Tracking Price Changes

Tracking Price Changes

Using the benefits of retail EPOS software you can quickly and easily start looking at the larger picture. What you might not readily realize is using this software you can easily see any price changes that are performed, track who does the changes, and also track how often this is done. Additionally it can allow you to see the average number of refunds that are conducted and all information pertaining to the refunds. While this might seem like trivial information, it can be quite helpful in working with you to control the actual amounts of money that you are losing due to price changes as well as refunds.

Selling vs. Shrinkage

Other information that you will be able to find is how much merchandise you are really selling. This can allow you to track your inventory compared to the inventory that is listed in the EPOS software. This is quite helpful for determining if you have a theft problem of some sort, and if you do just how extensive it really is. This can be a huge help in businesses that tend to have high rates of theft, whether from shoplifting or employee theft. Just imagine the savings that you can get from reducing this category.

The ability to easily determine the exact amount of stock shrinkage is absolutely critical to success. Many experienced business owners will all agree that stock shrinkage is a huge problem; other business owners may discount the importance of ensuring that stock levels are proper. However, if you start to see the actual amount of money you are losing this way, especially when combined to unauthorized price reductions, and even excessive refunds you may see hundreds of dollars each month wasted.

Taking Money to the Bank

Taking Money to the Bank

The average business owner is always looking for ways to save money in their business and increase profits. If you have the opportunity to increase your profits, you are much more likely to take advantage of it, rather than allowing the money to still be wasted. Take control over all of your financial aspects and start making your profits rise as you regain complete control over all aspects of your finances.

Targeted Manufacturing ERP Solutions is the Best

Targeted Manufacturing ERP Solutions is the Best

A manufacturing erp system is a useful technology when considering supervising your current organization. It’s easy to become encumbered as well as pressured when you don’t employ a manufacturing erp application. In this day of technology I’m certain that as a decision maker for your firm you are realizing that you want erp applications customized to your organization. You require business specific accessories as opposed to general erp applications. Whether you might be inside the textile, food, pharmaceutical or perhaps a jewelry enterprise, the necessity to search for the right erp program for your distinct organization is vital. Investing in Erp technology eventually pays off since it can significantly reduce the expense and amplify the value of your organization operations.

In terms of handling exceptionally engineered goods you can find three sections imperative to proficient performance. These aspects tend to be financial, engineering and production. The majority of companies have the financial and engineering portion covered, yet quite a few fail to improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing segment. This is the circumstance because many businesses consistently try to organize their operations by paper. These firms also patch together diverse legacy systems only to run their business, in turn leading to countless paper documents.

Targeted Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Does that sound like your organization? Perhaps you suspect that suddenly switching to a new method is going to be disastrous to your business capital and functions. After all, the Legacy programs are producing good enough results and business still moves on. I’m positive this is the condition; even so, the truth is that without shifting to a modern manufacturing erp system, you forfeit competitiveness. It is merely a matter of time before other enterprise rivals making use of cutting edge manufacturing erp software outperform your company, read more here organimedusa.

There is certainly no denying the authenticity of these concerns for not attaining modern manufacturing erp solutions. Regardless, the very first step is always to conduct analysis to figure out if obtaining or switching to current manufacturing erp solutions is right for you.

Furthermore, it is now simpler to switch far more than ever before for the reason that manufacturers no longer need to create and maintain their own IT infrastructure like they use to do in the past. We can now merely plug in online and deal with all these operations on a worldwide level out of a single erp application platform. This approach clearly saves upfront cash and also eliminates the necessity of worrying regarding onsite resources. Plugging into a manufacturing erp technology not only saves corporations upfront cash and time but also heightens efficiency, allowing businesses to no longer worry about upgrades and even interruption to their organization.

Even though changing to state-of-the-art manufacturing erp technology is easier than ever before I cannot stress adequately regarding how acquiring the correct manufacturing erp application is not an easy task. Research shows that most businesses usually invest in an entire erp software package in which they only use a tiny fraction of the features provided by the technology. Corporations who do this usually do not reap the full benefits of the system and also have a satisfactory amount of contentment in their investment.

Although companies using erp software will rapidly acknowledge the advantages of their investment, there is no doubt that they can get an even higher return on investment. A higher ROI is going to be attained if corporations utilize all of the features provided by a manufacturing erp system or invest less on a manufacturing erp alternative which is pre-designed for a specific function.

experts at websites like erp

As a decision maker for your corporation, you do not need to be concerned about all of the specifics pertaining to purchasing the right erp program. You can find experts at websites like that do this kind of stuff for a living. They’ll help you to find the right manufacturing erp program for your company and achieve your desired return on investment.

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