The LA-based micro-brand Jacques Marie Mage is dedicated to marrying timeless designs with the kind of craftsmanship you’d expect from a family heirloom. Founded by Jerome Mage, the brand has quickly become a go-to for style-wise celebrities.

These bespoke frames, designed in collaboration with tastemaker Alanui, are inspired by the inimitable swagger and anti-establishment ethos of musician Jeff Goldblum. They feature arrowhead front pins and wire core temples decorated with real turquoise inlays.

1. Wear them with a T-shirt

The micro-brand Jacques Marie Mage is the brainchild of Jerome Mage, a French designer who moved to Los Angeles and set up his eponymous label in 2014. It’s a line that isn’t meant to appeal to everyone, but rather a specific subset of men. That means bold designs, small-batch production methods, and top-of-the-line materials.

Mage’s frames are infused with history and nostalgia—they channel the idealism of the ’60s and the decadence of rock and roll, the beauty of the American West, and the majesty of Brutalist architecture. The pieces are crafted in precious metals and rich acetates, with geometric forms that reference artistic movements from Art Deco to American folk.

Every pair is produced in Sabae-Fuki, Japan by some of the world’s finest acetate manufacturers. The process is lengthy and labor intensive—it takes a minimum of 100 people to complete all the steps, including cutting, laser welding, and polishing each frame.

2. Pair them with jeans

Founded by French designer Jerome Mage in 2014, LA-based Jacques Marie Mage makes small-batch glasses that feel as though they’re designed not to appeal to everyone but just to you. The brand draws inspiration from bygone areas (think Brutalist architecture and Napoleonic regalia) to create frames that are at once bold, timeless, and modern.

Each pair is handmade in Japan and Italy using quality acetate. And because the brand’s philosophy focuses on “functional luxury,” every frame is made to fit perfectly and offers full UV protection.

In partnership with the one and only Jeff Goldblum, Jacques Marie Mage created a new collection that’s sure to turn heads this summer. The limited-edition JEFF sunglasses showcase the actor’s innate style sensibility and swagger, balancing eccentricity with sophistication.

3. Wear them with a hat

Founded by Jerome Mage (pronounced Mah-je), the LA-based micro-brand is a cut above the rest. Its designs — often featuring a mix of historic narratives and layers of collective memory — are bold, meticulously crafted and sure to spark conversation, sneak a peek at this website.

These aviator-style frames come in a lustrous silk presentation box and include a coordinating cleaning cloth and story details about the frame’s creation. Mage’s signature arrowhead hardware is a nod to the Americana that infatuated him.

Designed in collaboration with the historic Diamond Cross Ranch, these limited-edition frames lean into Jackson Hole’s breathtaking setting and legendary cowboy history. Crafted from black acetate, this model is fit for a man of action and adventure. It’s a riff on the shooter-style glasses worn by outlaw Hunter S. Thompson, who wore them while he rode the back of his famous wolf-themed plane.

4. Wear them with a jacket

Jacques Marie Mage founder Jerome Mage moved to LA from France at age 20, and set up the luxury label that makes these bold frames in 2015. It’s no wonder style-wise celeb royalty has been gravitating toward this micro-brand, which marries heirloom quality craftsmanship with designs inspired by three centuries of history.

For its latest collection, the brand partnered with the Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole to celebrate Western heritage. The limited-edition glasses riff on cowboy-era styles, including arrowhead hardware, and come in a wide range of sizes.

Jeremy Strong, who stars in the HBO series Succession as Kendall Roy, rocked the Dealan frames in crystal brown acetate with a black leather jacket for this iconic look. The result is a relaxed yet polished ensemble worthy of an easy ten Goldblum rating.

5. Wear them with a sweater

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, look no further than Los Angeles-based micro-brand Jacques Marie Mage. This luxury eyewear brand, founded by French designer Jerome Mage, produces limited edition frames that are a cut above the rest. From the beautiful silk presentation box, to the Italian-leather sleeve and cleaning cloth, each JMM frame is meticulously crafted by hand. Every detail is carefully considered, and as a result, the brand has amassed a cult-like following amongst eyewear obsessives like KaL MichaeL.


The Rex glasses—which feature sculpted beta titanium wire cores and folding side shields—were designed in collaboration with Jackson Hole-based Diamond Cross Ranch, whose cowboy heritage is celebrated in these groovy shades. Each frame features a gold or sterling hue and a turquoise geometric pattern, and the brand even makes a donation to Yellowstone Park Wildlife Federation with each purchase.

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The Ultimate Style Guide: How to Rock Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses