This article will discuss how to clone WhatsApp using MAC spoofing, Mirroring, or Parallel U. MAC cloning is one of the most common methods of duplicating applications. The method varies for each type of app, but it is not the only way to duplicate WhatsApp. If you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to be aware of several factors to ensure a successful installation.

MAC spoofing

If you’re interested in learning how to clone WhatsApp without being noticed, there are a few steps you can take to prevent your target from discovering your secret plan. One of the most effective ways to clone WhatsApp is to use a technique known as MAC spoofing. This technique is similar to phishing, but it involves hacking into a target device’s MAC address. The goal of MAC spoofing is to impersonate the user’s mobile device and send them messages on their behalf.


Mirroring WhatsApp on your TV is a great way to see the messages on your phone in a new way. This is great for a variety of reasons, including enjoying your messages in a more relaxed setting. You can easily cast WhatsApp videos to your TV using a simple screen mirroring app. If you’re using a tablet or PC, screen mirroring is especially useful for landscape status. Instead of having to tilt your phone to view landscape status, simply set your mobile device to landscape mode and then follow the instructions to cast your screen to a TV.

MAC cloning

MAC cloning for WhatsApp is a way to spy on your victim’s WhatsApp account without their knowledge. It only takes two minutes to clone WhatsApp with the help of a free app. To perform this task, you will need the MAC address of your target’s device, which you can find in the Media Access Control on your computer. Note that you can only do this if you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Parallel U

There are many ways to clone WhatsApp and the one I will discuss here is the use of the Parallel space app. Parallel space allows you to run two instances of an app on your phone. This is a great way to clone WhatsApp if you want to have multiple accounts. You can install this app on Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems. 

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

To install KidsGuard for WhatsApp, you must have an Android device. Once installed, it will transfer collected data from WhatsApp to the dashboard. The synchronization process may take some time, but after that, you can monitor all activities on WhatsApp on the dashboard. You can view all chats and call logs of WhatsApp users. Once the synchronization is complete, you can delete chats and chat logs to prevent them from being viewed by children.

Bill Sutton
How to Clone WhatsApp Using MAC Spoofing, Mirroring, and Parallel U