There is a significant difference between a WiFi Booster and an Extender. The former improves WiFi signal, while the latter is a wired or wireless extender that rebroadcasts the signal. While a WiFi booster can be used to improve speeds in the entire home, an extender is only useful for certain areas of the house or for a single computer.

Extends Range of Weak WiFi Signal

WiFi extenders work by extending the range of a weak WiFi signal and are used where a strong signal cannot reach. They use a repeater technology to send the signal back and forth between the router and the extender, thereby creating a new WiFi network. A WiFi range extender is usually referred to as a WiFi booster. However, it is important to note that a WiFi extender is not a WiFi booster.

Increases Coverage Area

Another difference between a WiFi Booster and an Extender is the coverage area. A WiFi repeater increases the range of a wireless network. Typically, the repeater consists of two wireless routers – one that connects to an existing WiFi network and one that transmits the signal to a larger area. The range of the WiFi signal can be increased dramatically. A WiFi extender also increases the signal strength and eliminates dead spots.

Amplifies a Strong Signal

The primary difference between a WiFi Booster and an Extender is the coverage area. An Extender increases the coverage area of a wireless network. It helps increase the range of a wireless signal. The range of coverage will be wider, and more people will be able to connect to your WiFi network. This allows you to enjoy online gaming and work at your leisure. A WiFi booster does not amplify a weak signal. Peek a great article for more tips about WLAN Verstärker Bewertungen.

Improves Signal Range And Enhances It

A WiFi extender extends the wireless signal range and enhances it. Unlike an extender, which improves weak signals, a WiFi booster increases signal strength. A WiFi extender does not improve a weak signal. The primary difference between a Wi-Fi booster and an extender is that a WiFi extender can boost a weak signal, while a WiFi booster enhances it.

Improves A Weak WiFi Signal

A WiFi booster can improve a weak WiFi signal. It is designed to plug into a power source and amplify the weak signal. The resulting signal is stronger than the original. Then, it can broadcast it to other parts of the home or a neighboring building. The difference between a WiFi booster and an extender is in the range of signals. A wifi booster has a wider range, while a WiFi extender only works in a few areas.

Improves Wireless Network Coverage

A WiFi extender will expand the wireless network coverage in a certain area, but a WiFi extender will increase the signal strength in an entire room. When you install a WiFi booster, the signal is enhanced in a limited space. The latter, on the other hand, extends your network to an outdoor location. This means that the coverage of your wireless network is greater, and more people can use the internet.


A WiFi extender is used to extend the coverage of a WiFi network. It amplifies the signal and transmits it. This type of device can be used to cover different rooms or floors of a home. In a large home or office, a single standard wifi router is unlikely to provide adequate coverage for every room. A Wifi range extender can extend your wifi coverage to all areas of your house, even to the outside.

Bill Sutton
The Difference between a Wi-Fi Booster and an Extender