How to Use Wifi Router to Boost Mobile Signal

Poor signal strength can be the fault of your carrier or it can be due to signal blocking material of the walls of your home. The reason can by anything but you can easily boost the signal of your mobile and able to get the highest number of bars at your home with the help of a wifi router.

There are lots of cellular carriers offer affordable or free devices that you can easily plug in your home and able to extend the signal of your mobile in an effective manner. But WiFi calling is considered the better solution that can help you to get a strong signal at your home.

If you want to know how to use a wifi router to boost mobile signal then here are some things that you need to consider:

  • You can interface your broadband internet modem to the 3G or 4G router and then utilize the USB port for the wireless cellphone modem and Ethernet link for the broadband modem.
  • Now, you can plug the AC control supplies for the router and modem, and then you can wait for the green pointer lights that demonstrate a strong signal.
  • You can open the setting on your mobile and then look for the pointer from a router that can help to get a higher signal on your mobile device in an effective manner.

So, with the help of some simple and effective steps, you can easily boost the signal of your smartphone or mobile device. It is beneficial for you to invest your money in the quality router so that you can enjoy the best quality internet services in an effective manner and able to fulfill your need for the strong and secure internet connection in your device.

All you have to do is just switch your router on and then you can easily connect your mobile device to the WIFI router within a few seconds to enjoy the best quality and seamless internet connection without any hassle. By investing in the quality portable WIFI router, you can enjoy the best internet speed without any interruption and able to do your work without any hassle. If you do not have much knowledge about the portable Wifi router then it is beneficial for you to visit the website like and fulfill all your needs in an effective manner.


Instead of paying the expensive roaming charges, you can choose a little safer and cheaper way by investing your money in buying the portable WiFi router. A portable WiFi router is a device that can give you WIFI services at very reasonable prices and you can enjoy a safe and secure internet connection anytime at your home, office or in the public place without any fear. You can also secure your WIFI router with a strong password so that any other person cannot access your internet connection and it can secure your device from outside threat. If you do not have much knowledge about portable WiFi router then you can gather information by visiting the website like and able to find the best WiFi router for you.

Bill Sutton
How to Use Wifi Router to Boost Mobile Signal?