An apartment is a rented property and a condominium is an owned property. An apartment has a lease, while a condo does not have any sort of contract. One disadvantage to owning the condo, however, is that you are responsible for repairs and maintenance on the building as well as your own unit. Another difference between condos and apartments is that condos often come with amenities such as pools or spas, gyms, laundry rooms and even restaurants! There are also many other differences between apartments and condominiums so make sure to read more about them before deciding which one would be best for you.

Difference between an Apartment and a Condo

An apartment is a type of dwelling that’s rented, while a condominium is a type of dwelling that’s owned. Apartment dwellers don’t have to worry about upkeep like getting a lawnmower and fixing the air conditioning, for example. However, condo dwellers typically have to buy their own furniture and take care of some things themselves.

An apartment is a rented home, while a condominium is form of property ownership. An apartment renter isn’t responsible for lawn care or fixing appliances, but a condo owner must pay for their own furniture and handle upkeep.

Condos have more of a community feel because they’re typically built with residents in mind who want to live near family, friends, or coworkers. It’s common for condos to have hens and produce fresh eggs, shared among residents, but it’s less likely that an apartment would contain chickens.

Condos have a community feel because they’re built with residents in mind who want to live near family, friends, or coworkers. It’s common for condos to include chickens and have a garden where residents can grow food together, but these things are less likely to be included in an apartment complex.

Why Do People Prefer Apartments To Condos?

Many people prefer apartments to condos because there is less opportunity for personalization. In the case of apartments, they are often leased furnished and people require an additional fee if they desire to change anything in their home. This can be a deterrent for those who enjoy designing or decorating in their free time as this is often not possible with apartments.


If you’re looking to live in a community and want the feeling of ownership, owning a condo may be for you. Alternatively, if you are more interested in renting an apartment, there is less risk as apartments often come furnished with little opportunity for personalization, click here for more info.

Bill Sutton
What’s The Difference Between An Apartment And A Condo?