A Review of Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture

Eco-Friendly Platform Bed, Armoire, Coffee Table and More

There are so many things that can be done to live sustainable. Bluehouse Eco-friendly Fine Furniture helps to introduce the small ways consumers can learn to live Green and eco-friendly. Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture offers a wide array of high-end fine furniture from beds to armoires, to desk, coffee tables, cabinets, cupboards, and more. For someone in the process of building a home Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture provides excellent ideas for living Green. Consumers can take small steps to become Green by slowing replacing eco-friendly products in place of the products normally purchased.

Living Green and becoming eco-friendly in one’s home do not require giving up beautiful furniture and other houseware items. In fact Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture offers a beautiful selection of fine furniture from which to select. One of the prettiest pieces of fine furniture from their Environment Furniture collection is the Santomer Bed complemented by a Bed Bench. The classic platform bed is made of harvested solid mahogany construction and comes with a built in bed bench. The mahogany construction is complemented by strips of 100 year old peroba rosa, a recycled wood reclaimed from Brazil and presents lovely as the ultimate décor item. All Bluehouse Environment Furniture is one of a kind. Several options are available for finishes including; Olive Wash, Walnut, and Ebony. The classic platform bed is available in Eastern King, California King, Queen, or Full.

Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture

Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture offers a beautiful Satomer Armoire with Pocket Doors to add to the bedroom collection. Also made of a solid mahogany construction combined with peroba rosa, the Bluehouse Satomer Armoire is the perfect Green solution for clothing storage. The Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Satomer Armoire includes removable clothes rods and adjustable shelving. Pricing is available upon request from Bluehouse.

One of the more eclectic looking pieces from Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture is the Santos Coffee Table, a coffee table that is made from the same mahogany foundation combined with peroba rosa creating a beautifully unique looking table. The massively large table is beautiful and is offered in several finishes including Ebony, Olive Wash, and Walnut. The Santos Coffee Table from Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture measures 15 ¾ inches in Height 45 ¼ inches in lengths, and 45 ¼ inches in depth.

Prices for Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture are available upon request. Interested parties may also email [email protected] for pricing for specific items and more information. To peruse the different styles of furniture offered by Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Furniture and call 877-276-1180 or visit the Web site for Bluehouse.

Bill Sutton
A Review of Bluehouse Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture