Maintenance Guide for an Electric Toothbrush

If cared for properly, an electric toothbrush should last several years if not longer. To properly care for an electric toothbrush, a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule should be followed.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean After Each Use & Store Dry

An electric toothbrush should be properly cleaned after each use. Proper cleaning of an electric toothbrush will help remove plaque and food materials from the toothbrush. To clean an electric toothbrush, simply run it under water for a few seconds after each use. Electric toothbrushes can also be cleaned by rinsing the brush head with a small amount of antiseptic mouthwash to help inhibit bacterial growth. Another way to inhibit bacterial growth on an electric toothbrush is to store it in a dry location, wet areas are breeding ground for bacteria.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean Handle & Inside Weekly

To ensure that an electric toothbrush remains in good repair, the inside and handle should be cleaned at least weekly. A mild soap and cloth or q-tip may be used to clean the smaller areas of the toothbrush. Clean the handle, the button, the base, and remove the head and clean the attachment area. Some toothbrushes, like the uSmile Pro electric toothbrush, have a small nut visible on the base when the brush head is removed. We recommend removing the head of the electric toothbrush, removing the nut, then cleaning the nut and the area under the nut at least weekly. The best way to ensure that weekly cleaning is completed is to pick a day and do maintenance on the same day every week.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Clean Charger Base Monthly or As Needed

The electric toothbrush charger base should be cleaned when visibly soiled or once a month. The charger base should be unplugged from the wall prior to cleaning. Do not submerge the charger base in water as it will most likely ruin the electronic components. Clean the charger base with a damp cloth and a mild soap. Rinse out the cloth and rinse the charger base with the damp cloth, do not submerge or rinse the charger in water. Completely dry the charger base prior to plugging it back in to avoid damage or injury. Clean your charger base on the first of the month (or whatever day you chose) and when visibly soil.

Electric Toothbrush Maintenance Guide – Replacing Your Brush Head

Each electric toothbrush manufacturer may have their own guidelines on when to replace the electric toothbrush head. One guideline recommended across the board is to replace the brush head when the bristles are visible worn. You can tell your bristles are worn when they lay down, split, or look frayed. We recommend replacing your electric toothbrush head at least every six months or when worn. Some electric toothbrush manufacturers include a fade indicator on the brush that tells you when it is halfway worn so there is not question about when it is time to replace the brush. If you are unsure, check with your manufacturer but always replace when visibly worn, and replace at least every six months.

Bill Sutton
Maintenance Guide for an Electric Toothbrush