How to Use Can Opener

Can opener is a small but very helpful tool that makes our tasks easier. When you need to use a can opener, these are quite simple, but sometimes you need to use a can opener efficiently.

You may know many techniques to use a can opener, but I will share a very simple technique to use a can opener.

How Can I Use A Can Opener?

How can I use a can opener

There are the following simple steps that will help you to use the can opener with ease.

Step One

Start with opening the can opener’s arms; when you are using the can opener, then the arms of the can opener should be opened. It will become easier to cut the edges and fit with the can. It is very simple, hold the arm of the can opener in hand and gently pull its arms apart. When you open them properly, they will lightly be locked in an open position. But remember that you only need to open the can opener’s arms when you fit the can opener to the can. To open the arms with, ease you can place the can opener on the flat surface.

Step Two

In the second step, allow the can opener’s arms in the open position, and align the cutting edge. Make sure that the cutting edge is on the top of the can lip, and the serrated wheel should line up in the furrow, which makes a circle around the edge. After that, gently rotate the handle to the outside of the can, which will become easy to turn.

Step Three

In that step, you need to close the can opener’s arms, which will help you puncture the lid of the can. For that purpose press, the can opener handles together; it will push the cutting edge to insert into the can lid.

You need more force to close the handles; it is better to close the handles with two hands. When punctured the lid, then you will listen to the opening voice of the lid, and its pressure will also release.

Step Four

Now you need to turn the can opener handle to turn the cutting edges around the can lid. You need to hold the arms of the can opener in one hand and then twist them clockwise with the other hand’s help.

It will make you able to rotate the serrated wheel around the can opener cutting edge. It would help if you worked until you make sure that the can lid has separated from the can and only a little portion of the lid is connected with the can.

Step Five

The last and final step is to lift the lid from the can to remove the can lid. Gently lift the lid apart from the can and complete the can opening job.

Final Thoughts:

Can opener help us in many ways to open the can safely without causing any injury or damaging the products. It is quite easy to use a can opener, but if you need some help, then the above guidelines will help you in a great way. There are many other techniques to use a can opener; if you need more info, visit here:

Bill Sutton
How To Use Can Opener?