Cone Crusher Bowl Liner

When we talk about the machines to break the rocks, cone crusher is the first name which comes to our mind. There are many different parts of cone crushers which makes this crushing machine really very powerful. One of these parts is bowl liner. Today in this article we will talk about cone crusher bowl liners.

Cone crusher is a type of rock crusher which helps in crushing of rocks and other similar hard materials. The cone crusher is used mainly in the mining industry but these days apart from mining it is also used in many other fields. Most of the time this cone crusher is used along with the jaw crusher. The reason behind this is that the materials to be fed in this should be broken into small sizes which can be easily done by the Jaw crusher. After crushing with the help of jaw crusher, the same crushed material is used in a cone crusher to make the crushed material even finer.

What Does Bowl Liner Do?

What Does Bowl Liner Do

Bowl liner is one of the most important parts of cone crusher which works in the collaboration of many different parts. The cone crusher bowl liner is attached at the top of the main shaft. The bowling line fits on the top of the mantle which is also situated at the top of the main shaft. When both the mantle and the concave bowl liner is placed above the shaft they create a space in between them. The materials to be broken are fed in this gap. When the machine starts, the shaft and mantle rotate and the bowl liner also starts a movement. With the help of these movements, the big pieces of Rocks are further broken into finer pieces of rock which are thrown out of the machine through the outlets.

Many a time with the continuous use of it, the machine gets damaged and sometimes just the bowl liner of the machine gets damaged. You can separately purchase the bowl liner and can replace the old damaged bowl liner with it. There are very few trusted online stores which gives you the chance to purchase from there. Before purchasing it, you should read all the description of the bowl liner so that you will not repent after purchasing. However, if you are not comfortable with the online purchasing, you should better go for the offline purchase where you can check the quality of the bowl liner then and there.

If you want to purchase it from online shops even then, there are many things you need to do before final purchasing. One of those things is to read the reviews and compare the prices. If you do so, you will also get the best bowl liner and that is too at the best price.

Above we got to know some very important info about cone crusher and the cone crusher bowl liner. If you want to know some more detail about any of them, you can visit our website whenever you get the time.

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Cone Crusher Bowl Liner