Steps to Prepare the Foundry To Melt Steel

Do you want to learn to melt steel? If yes, then you need a foundry? Of Course! You can’t build that great factory but you can have a small foundry at your home also. If you are someone who needs to make certain castings, then you can set up own foundry at home. How can you do it? It is not much difficult. You need to follow the given instructions to prepare a perfect foundry at your home which can be used to melt different kind of metals.

What Will You Need?

If you want to learn how to make a foundry to melt steel, then you need some items like big play sandbag, POP, steel bucket, tablecloth, another bucket to measure ingredients. To make the foundry, you will need around 21 cups of POP, 15 cups of water, and 21 cups of sand. So, you can get all this mixture at quite low prices at the store.

What Will You Need

Mix Up The Ingredients

When you will pour water in the dry mixture, it will get hardened within fifteen minutes. It is crucial that you mix everything fast. To get rid of lumps, you need to make sure that the dry powder is wet properly. When the whole mixture is of the same color and proper runny texture, you need to transfer all this mixture into the steel bucket slowly. Make sure that the splattering doesn’t happen while pouring the mixture into the steel bucket. You need to make the foundry at the center by using measuring bucket. You can fill this bucket with water, rocks or sand to increase weight. Make sure that the mixture rise up but doesn’t spill outside the bucket. You need to leave it as it is so that it gets hardened up after few minutes.

Clean It Up

You can give it proper shape after it dries up and then leave it for one more hour. You need to use a fire extinguisher to make a crucible. Make sure that you use the metal extinguisher. You can depressurize this tank and then unscrew is valve. It should be cut in half by using hacksaw. You would need the bottom of the extinguisher to make crucible. When the plaster is hardened up properly, then you need to take out rocks/water from that bucket and use channel locks to take out the measuring bucket.

Make It Professional

After this, you need to get steel tubing and use a metal blade to cut the bucket from the top. You will make a sloping hole with 30 degrees angle. In case, the crucible fails, then the molten metal will stay in foundry and won’t flow outside. You just need a simple steel pipe to make a blower tube on your own. Finally, you need to improve the look of foundry by using coatings of paint. When you will use fire, the mini foundry will heat up fast. You can try melting soda cans and it won’t take more than a few minutes to melt them down properly. This homemade furnace can be placed in your backyard and you can put any scrap metal in it so that it can be melted down.

Make It Professional

Now you must have understood how to make a foundry to melt steel because it isn’t a difficult task. If you follow the right techniques, then you can learn to melt metal sitting at your home. It will be a fun thing to do when you are free. Make sure that you don’t allow your kids to stay near you when you are involved in the preparation of foundry and melting metals.

Bill Sutton
Steps to Prepare the Foundry To Melt Steel!