Why Do I Suddenly Snore

Snoring is a rattling, growling or harsh sound that produces while sleeping. It occurs due to the obstruction in the airways of the throat and the vibration emitted by the blockage. The blockage of these airways happens due to the narrow throat, relaxed tissues of mouth and throat or vibrations of the soft palate.

Some people started snoring suddenly with the passage of time. Men snore more than women. It occurs mostly in the older age. There are numerous health reasons that develop snoring sounds in people like alcohol consumption, obesity, sleep deprivation, smoking, nasal congestion or consumption of other medications. For in-depth knowledge of these reasons take a look at the site here while some of these reasons are explained below:

1. Obesity:

When an individual suddenly puts on extra weight, it will cause to increase extra skin around the neck which further narrows the airway passage and blocks it. Owing to which an individual starts snoring.

2. Alcohol Consumption:

Whenever an individual started drinking alcohol, he/she starts snoring while sleeping. Alcohol consumption gives too much relaxation to throat muscles that obstruct the windpipe and results in the loud sound of snoring due to the vibration of walls of the throat.

3. Various Medications:

The main reason behind suddenly started snoring is the consumption of some medication. Consumption of too many medications deeper the level of sleep and enhance the relaxation of muscles during sleep. This relaxation narrows the airways and increases tissue vibration and results in suddenly snoring. With the passage of time, this problem increases if a person consumes medicines regularly for a long period of time.

4. Change In Sleeping Position:

Change In Sleeping Position

Snoring also occurs when a person changes his/her sleeping position as if an individual started on the back, then oral tissues fall back and blocks the throat. Also the tongue slips back and clogs the airway. If person started sleeping on side then it may be recovered. To get more information related to snoring take a look at the site here.

5. Smoking:

Smoking causes the inflammation of the throat which will narrow the throat and airways. And it leads to snoring. If one could stop smoking, snoring can be easily stopped.

6. Misaligned Jaw:

If a person’s jaw becomes misaligned when it hit with something during accident the person starts snoring as misaligned jaw also obstructs the throat airways.

7. Exhaustion

When an individual gets exhausted due to some particular conditions then he/she is not able to get the right amount of sleep. Due to which tissues get more relaxation and block the airways which further leads to snoring.

8. Allergies, cold or congestion:

Snoring starts when a person is not able to breathe through nose. As cold also cause temporary snoring. Allergies, congestion also narrows the throat and cause snoring.

Sudden snoring can create various health issues also. It is an indication of lack of sleep which may cause serious illness such as heart diseases, reflux or depression etcetera. It is essential to prevent snoring. To avoid this sleep disorder, firstly one should identify the cause behind his snoring behavior then you can easily eliminate this. If you are unable to identify the cause of snoring then talk to doctor immediately to get medical attention. Take a look at the site here to get more knowledge regarding the causes, symptoms, risk, and remedies of snoring.

Don’t let snoring separate you from your partner as it creates nuisance for your partner also. Use natural remedies to avoid snoring so that you and your partner can take good sleep. Proper sleep is a symbol of good health.

Bill Sutton
Why Do I Suddenly Snore