Can Heart Disease be Cured

For years, billions of dollars are spent on finding a cure for heart disease but as of right now there is no cure for it. There are studies on the treatment of coronary artery disease also known as CAD, which is a valve and many other heart diseases that are caused by atherosclerosis. Heart disease is one of the top diseases that kill men and women in every country around the world.

A lot of time and money has already been spent on the research to find a cure for heart disease there is no result. There are a lot of reasons behind the failure to get a proper cure for heart disease. One of the main reasons can be the inability of the heart muscles to regrow themselves.

What are the things preventing heart disease from being cured?

What are the things preventing heart disease from being cured

When the muscles in the heart get damaged during the heart attack then it cannot regrow. In some research, it was found that this can be delayed and even prevent the heart attack when you control your high cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Such things need to be taken care of and if you get a heart attack and the muscles die then it might be hard to regenerate the cells.

If the heart valve gets stiff or calcified then it becomes impossible for the doctors to restore the flexibility of the valve there making it impossible to treat. The only possible solution is that it should be replaced and repaired.

How much can you treat heart disease?

How much can you treat heart disease

As already mentioned, there is no proper cure for heart disease but it can be made better. There are many heart diseases that can be treated by taking some necessary measures. By getting control over the cholesterol and blood pressure level and getting it under low levels can help in getting partial reverse plaques in coronary arteries of the heart.

This way the arteries do not go away completely but it will be shrunk to a small size and will make a great difference in heart disease. The vessels can be opened by the doctors to avoid the patients dying from CAD. The diseased valves can be replaced or repairs. If the heart muscles cause problems for the heart to fail then using a mechanical device as a replacement can help in getting a better solution.

While these are not the cure for the heart disease but they will help a person to recover and live a longer life. The person might need to get regular checkups to avoid any health-related issues.

What are advancements made for preventing heart disease?

Even if there is no cure found for heart diseases, there are some methods that help in the prevention of heart disease. By understanding the risk factors for the CAD will help you to understand how to prevent it. You need to make some necessary changes in your life and start taking some medicines from the prescription of the doctor. Most doctors will recommend Pyridoxal powder to help you prevent heart disease. The people who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes can get the perfect treatment for any heart disease.

Is it possible to treat heart disease

Is it possible to treat heart disease?

There are some medications like Pyridoxal powder that can prove helpful for the treatment of heart diseases. While studies of stem cell therapy to generate heart muscles have shown impressive results but it is not ready for real treatments. With the introduction of new drugs to lower the cholesterol level proves effective. The prevention of CAD will likely be discovered before the doctors can find a cure for it.

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Can Heart Disease be Cured?