why does led lights flicker

Investing in the LED lights can help you to save your money but sometimes these lights can create issues for you. It is generally expensive to replace the LED lights every time when they flicker and it can cause few problems for you.

What if you know how to fix flickering lights? It is a great idea because it helps you to save your lots of time, effort and money that you spend on buying a bunch of LED lights due to their flickering issues. Here are some effective ways that you can use to treat. You can take a look at these points and able to resolve your issues and problems in an effective manner. With the help of these points, you can get to know why does led lights flicker and how you can fix the issues.

Check the current in your home

Check the current in your home

One of the main reasons for flickering light can be the frequent voltage change within the wiring of your home. This is because the current flow in the wiring changes such as if you turn on any electrical appliance that consumes high voltage can cause the flickering in the LED lights. If you have loads that are turning on and off and cause the change in voltage level can be the reason for flicker in the LED lights.

High surge wattage

There is lots of appliances need higher power when they start as comparison to the power they need while running. This is called the surge wattage and this instant change in the power supply can cause the flickering in the LED lights. It is essential for you to resolve this problem so that you do not have to face such issues in future.

Bad switches

Lots of homes these days have the dimmer switches and they are generally not compatible with the modern and high tech LED lights. So, if you have the dimmer switches in your home then it is beneficial for you to replace either switches or bulbs so that you do not have to face the flickering issues in the LED lights. Once the repair completed then it can stop the LED lights to flicker and you can enjoy proper light in your home.

Loose connections

Loose connections

Another common reason of flickering LED lights is the loose connection within the circuits. So, it is beneficial for you to screw the light bulb to resolve the issue. If it does not work then there may be dirt or debris in the connection that makes it lose, so you need to try to remove the debris to make a better connection of wiring that can stop the flickering light issues.

So, with the help of above mentioned information, you can get to know that why do led lights flicker and how can you fix the issues in an effective manner. You can also take help of a professional who can check the connections and switches of your home and provide you best possible help to resolve the flickering issues of the LED lights.

Bill Sutton
How to Resolve Flickering LED light Issues?