Timers can help with work in a variety of ways. Although they are often thought of as tools for creators, they can benefit anyone. Those who are trying to get more work done will find that a timer will help keep them on task and focused.

Tomato Timer

The Tomato Timer is an excellent tool for tracking your time spent working on tasks throughout the day. It works by recording the time spent on each task in Pomodoro intervals. It lets you customize the intervals, set up custom cycles, and even sync task lists through Dropbox. It helps you maintain concentration, avoid distractions, and defeat procrastination.

Tomato Timer has a modern, minimalist interface. While most Pomodoro timer apps are red, the Minimalist timer uses a white background to allow you to see what tasks you have scheduled for today. You can add tasks and assign a priority level to them. High priority tasks are raised to the top of the screen.

Tomato Timer allows you to customize your Pomodoro intervals, and it has an alert sound to remind you of your break time. It is a great tool for anyone using the Pomodoro Technique. Using a timer to keep track of your work is essential to maintaining focus and boosting productivity.


Hubstaff is an online timer that allows employees to track time with a desktop application, a mobile app, and even a Chrome extension. You can also manually enter time and add notes. The timesheets can then be approved by management in a few clicks. The service can also generate invoices and automate payment processes. Hubstaff also integrates with PayPal and TransferWise.

Hubstaff is an excellent time tracking tool for employees to help you track their time and productivity. It helps you track time spent in apps and websites, and even calculates how much time you spend working on certain tasks. You can easily see the percentage of your time spent on each task. Besides tracking time, Hubstaff can also connect to your task tracking software, Sneak a peek at this website.

Hubstaff helps you monitor your productivity with detailed reports. The dashboard also shows you which apps and websites you used the most while working. In addition, it lets you capture screenshots of your progress. With all this information at your fingertips, you can optimize your workflow and increase your team’s productivity.


Toggl is an online timer with an app that you can install on multiple devices and set reminders for. The app also syncs automatically across all your devices. When the timer reaches two hours, it will notify you and let you know that it is time to turn it off. The app also has a report feature to help you increase your productivity.

Toggl is free to use. Users can track time in their browser, synchronize the data across different devices, and create daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The app also provides graphs and allows you to export your data. Users can also integrate the app with their calendar to add time entries.


Toggl Online Timer is very easy to use and consists of three buttons to reset, pause, and rewind. It also has a bookmark feature, so you can save your time easily. There are also paid subscriptions available for advanced features.

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