How Do You Read Internet News

When reading the news, make sure the pictures and captions match the story being reported. You can check the source of the image by right-clicking on the image and choosing “Reverse Search.” If an image appears on multiple stories, it may not be the same story. Passive voice makes the object of the story the focus.

Passive voice makes the object of the story the main focus

Passive voice makes the object of the story the main focus

The passive voice, or the use of the object as the focus of a story, is a common writing style. It connects ideas that are in different sentences and clauses. This style is usually used to weed out job applicants. For example, if an article is about a famous crime committed by a single person, the writer can use the passive voice to make that person the subject.

The passive voice has many practical applications. Many teachers use it in their classrooms. The best writers have used it for over 300 years. Knowing when to use it correctly is an essential part of good writing. Using the passive voice effectively will improve your writing and increase reader engagement.

Passive voice is also the preferred style for scientific and academic writing. It gives the writer a sense of objectivity. It allows the writer to write without the use of personal pronouns and the names of specific researchers. In addition, the use of the passive voice helps create the appearance of objective discourse by avoiding personal attribution. The passive voice allows writers to discuss the actions taken and results that were found.

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Checking the source of Internet news

The proliferation of disinformation on the Internet has made it more difficult for users to discern the truth from fiction. Fake news, or false claims, can take many forms, from half-truths to outright lies. As a result, educators are training their students to be skeptical of the content they encounter online.


The best way to tell which news is fake is to check its source. The New York Times, NPR, and Reuters are reputable news organizations. If a site is trying to imitate one of these outlets, it’s probably not real. In addition, it may misspell reputable news outlets or include sources.

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How Do You Read Internet News?