How to Make a Decision When You Can't Decide

The first step when you can’t decide is to step back from the situation and get a fresh perspective. This can be achieved by taking a break, having a conversation with a trusted friend, or even getting a good night’s sleep. Once you’ve regained your perspective, it’s time to make a decision. Listed below are a few more techniques to help you decide.

Identifying obstacles to decision-making

Identifying obstacles to decision-making

Identifying obstacles to decision-making when the time comes to make a decision is vitally important. These challenges prevent you from making the best choice. However, you can overcome these barriers by understanding them and overcoming them. Below are 6 common barriers to decision-making. If you are experiencing any of them, consider the solutions below. You may even want to try some of these techniques to make the decision-making process easier.

– Time pressure. Often, decision-makers who have adequate time to make a decision are able to make a more quality choice. While time pressure is generally considered to be an obstacle, it can also create organizational motivation to move forward. Time pressure encourages organizational dexterity. In this situation, the decision maker needs to be decisive. However, the best way to make a decision is to gather relevant information as quickly as possible, check out this post.

Using a weighting system to compare options

When comparing options, using a weighting system can be helpful. It helps you determine which option is more important, but not all criteria have equal importance. For example, if cost is an important consideration, you may choose another option. If price is a key factor, you may want to consider reducing the number of options and using only one of them. Once you have decided on your criteria, you can score each option.

Next, list all your decision choices in rows, each of which will form the basis of a weighted decision matrix. Then, brainstorm criteria that will influence your decision, such as price, effort, and customer value. Then, rate each criterion according to its importance and impact. Once you’ve determined the relative importance of each criterion, you can then calculate how much each option is worth.


You may be having a hard time deciding on a particular topic. When you cannot decide, you should consider your options and your goals. This will help you reach a decision faster. Remember, however, that you should not take the advice of your friends blindly. Instead, you should seek advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. A friend who has gone through the same situation as you will help you arrive at a decision more quickly.

Bill Sutton
How to Make a Decision When You Can’t Decide