The best way to connect with friends and family while traveling is with Muama Ryoko portable wifi router. This device can help you stay connected from anywhere in the world, including places where internet access may be difficult to come by. If you’re an international traveler trying to get in touch with loved ones or just love being outside and exploring new places, this device can help you out! You’ll be able to connect with your friends and family through Facebook, email, Skype and more.

Why travel with a portable wifi router?

There are two main reasons why travel with a portable Wi-Fi router. One reason is that it can help you stay in touch with loved ones when you’re travelling internationally. The other reason is that it helps keep you safer when you’re exploring new places.

What do I need to get started?

First, you’ll need a router. Most are sold with SIM cards already installed and can be purchased through any local provider. You want to find out what type of SIM card your router uses, but most of it’s an M2M or micro SIM card which is much smaller than the average SIM card that comes with a normal smartphone. Second, you will need a laptop and/or smart phone(s). If you already have these items or plan on getting them, then you’re ready to purchase your portable wifi router!

How to use your device while traveling?

Some features that are helpful when traveling are a sturdy handle to keep your device secure, a pocket to store items like your phone and cards, and an adjustable stand so you can watch videos on the go.

The top of the best portable router for travelers is covered by a rubberized layer to ensure it doesn’t become slippery or get easily scratched when you’re in transit.

The benefits of having a portable wifi router

The benefits of using a portable WiFi router are that you can connect to any device with a wifi connection, and the adapter works with phones, tablets, laptops. This means if you’re camping and want to watch television on your tablet or laptop at night, you can do that! Another benefit is that it has a long battery life. It can stay charged up for about 24 hours.

Portable wifi routers and social media

Since this device can connect to Skype and other forms of voice over IP, you can use it to talk to your friends when you’re travelling internationally. Using skype is free for many services, but if you want to call landlines or mobile phones from another country, that will cost money (depending on the country). Another thing you could do is download an app like Facebook onto your phone or tablet so that you can stay connected with family and friends while traveling. Click here for more info on portable wifi routers and social media.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to stay connected while travelling; this portable wifi router is designed with your needs in mind. It’s simple to use and can be used on any device that has a wifi connection.

Bill Sutton
A guide to using a portable wireless router