How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Yard

During the warmer summer months we enjoy being outside and taking in all the summer beauty and those biting mosquitoes can certainly put a damper on our enjoyment.  So getting rid of mosquitoes in our yards and homes is important to our outdoor enjoyment.  Mosquitoes are not only annoying but carry diseases such as Malaria and West Nile.

Knowing how to get rid of mosquitoes is an important factor.  The first thing is knowing how to prevent mosquitoes in the first place.

There are some easy ways to detect if you are breeding mosquitoes in your own yard.  This can be easily done is just a few minutes of walking around your yard and inspecting certain areas that can breed and draw mosquitoes in to your yard.

Children’s outside

Most importantly look for areas that have standing water.  Mosquitoes love standing water and lay eggs in standing water to bring their young biting mosquitoes into your yard, Going here. Areas to look for in your yard that may be breeding mosquitoes:

  • Children’s outside toys that can accumulate water, if possible, simply turn them over to keep the water off.
  • Storage bins or toys bins that you keep for outdoor pool equipment or toys.  This can be eliminated by punching small holes in the bottom to keep the water draining out.
  • Have you cleaned your gutters lately?  Gutters that are clogged do not allow the water to drain and draw mosquitoes to the standing water.
  • If you have any debris in your yard, it is important to inspect any old tires or items that can attract mosquitoes.
  • Check your outside spigots and make sure that there is no dripping water creating a standing puddle in your yard.
  • If you keep your lawn equipment outside, make sure it is not gathering water.
  • If you have a birdbath, make sure that you change the water frequently to help get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Ornamental pools that have standing water can also attract mosquitoes.
  • Keep your lawn mowed short to help get rid of mosquitoes.

So just by checking these few areas can help you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard and with just a few small changes can not only get rid of mosquitoes outside but in your home as well.

If you have mosquitoes, there are some simple ways to get of them.

Use a mosquito zapper.  There are ornamental mosquito zappers that you would not even know they are a zapper.

Spraying your yard with a natural pesticide will help getting rid of mosquitoes and/or reduce their population in your yard.

Use yellow bug lights at night to deter them from your yard.

mosquitoes around your deck

If you are sitting outside and want to get rid of the mosquitoes around your deck, use a fan to blow them away.  Mosquitoes don’t like the wind.

Ann Cohen is a former caterer who loves the holidays, entertaining and the outdoors and loves to share her tips and tricks with you.

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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Yard