Decorating Children's Bedroom

Parents who are endeavoring to decorate their child’s bedroom have an opportunity to include some creativity-inspiring art work. The environment created helps to create memories and connect to memories that will bring wonderful smiles to young faces.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great choice if the mural falls within budget. The cost of covering the desired wall entirely will obviously increase and the larger the dimensions, the greater the cost. However, a small mural centred in the child’s bedroom with dimensions of 4 inches by 6 inches can range in price from approximately $125+ if buying new.

In looking for a wall mural that is reusable and dry-strippable, washable, and is installed like a wall sticker, there are limited options. Use key words in a Google search such as “reusable and dry-strippable wall murals” and a couple of top quality Canadian companies should appear. These kinds of murals are more expensive, but they will last longer than other materials and they can be reused or resold if so desired.

Painting a mural on the child’s bedroom wall is another wonderful option, as many try to find appliqués and murals that have the effect of looking painted on the wall. There are painters for hire that will provide a consultation and help to plan the project, view source.

Do-it-yourself murals (DIY) are great if the child is old enough to use painting materials appropriately. This option allows the child to paint in the colours using the mural template. This is a fun and wonderful experience for all involved.

With custom-made murals, customers can supply their own image and custom-order the size to fit as needed. A 35 mm photo, negative, slide, digital photo or original art work can also be produced into a mural. Keep in mind, this is a costly but creative endeavor.

Personalized framed murals can be done by choosing the desired visual and selecting to have the visual transferred to photo paper, canvas, wall paper, or other. Getting the visual framed is another costly but lovely project.

Wall paper is a traditional choice for murals, and their is new innovative wallpaper with high-quality fibre that does no damage to paint or base and can be removed and reapplied at least once. This high-quality fibre material can come pre-pasted or, minimizing the amount of work needed for a successful installation. It can also be ordered with a matte finish.

Wall Appliqués

Wall appliqués have always been a popular choice because they are similar to window stickers and require no adhesive work and can be reused and reapplied. They are generally affordable and come in all sizes and dimensions. Wall appliqués can be ordered online or found in a hardware department of many department stores.

Find wall-words appliqués, poems or riddles based on favourite songs or rhymes. These can be ordered precut and necessitate a special adhesive that makes it easy to put on and take down.

Other Bedroom Wall-Decorating Choices

There are other ways parents can decorate their children’s bedroom. Ideas include:

  • Framed prints
  • Wall borders
  • Photo Collage
  • Posters

Children and Their Favourite Characters

Tune in to children’s interests and capture their imagination. Children love their favourite television and book personalities and characters, but keep in mind that children outgrow them and will want to move on to something new. Therefore, for parents who are considering purchasing a high-end quality piece that is quite expensive, consider choosing one with a subject or theme that is not a passing fad, such as a garden, animal, or friendship theme.

If children are old enough, they can have a significant input in deciding not only what theme they want, but what material they want. They may not want something the size of their entire wall, such as a full wall mural. In this case, wall appliques, wall borders or easily removed wall-paper is a more viable option. They may equally not want something that is too permanent, such as having a mural painted on the wall. In either case, decorating a child’s bedroom is for all involved to enjoy.

Bill Sutton
Decorating Children’s Bedroom: A List of Options for Wall Decorating