Netflix is Helping Me Lose Weight

Sounds weird doesn’t it? How in the world can something like Netflix, which promotes couch potato behavior, help me lose weight?

A Need to Occupy the Mind

A Need to Occupy the Mind

One of the main reasons it took me so long to stick to a regular exercise regimen to lose weight is that I became so bored with the routine action of walking on the treadmill or getting on the elliptical that I’d eventually do it less and less until I found myself out of the routine completely.

I’d try music to listen to while working out but after a few weeks of even that, boredom still set in and I found myself once again slipping away from something that I desperately needed to do for my health.

Why was I so against exercising? I found out that it wasn’t the exercise that was the problem. I really like the way exercising makes me feel.

The problem was that my mind was largely unoccupied. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am ADD but I cannot do just one thing at a time. If I’m cleaning, I need music or a favorite movie playing in the background to keep me going. If I’m watching television, I need a project in my hands. While music can only sustain me for so long while exercising, I needed a different outlet, something that gave me options and wouldn’t leave me bored.

Exercising While Watching Television

This isn’t a new concept. But my television options were limited. To hook the satellite up to another room would’ve costed more money than what we were willing to pay; not to mention labor costs getting someone out here to do the installation.

So I decided on Netflix for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted new things to watch instead of watching my DVD library over and over. Two, I haven’t had the time to watch movies I’ve wanted to for roughly four years. (Hmmmm, curious. That’s about the same age as my oldest son.) Third, the prospect of watching television shows of series that I really liked but couldn’t watch all of (back before I had a DVR) was exciting.

So I tried the free trial on Netflix and liked it well enough that I kept the plan. I’m having a blast catching up on all the shows and movies that I’ve missed and it has helped me maintain an exercise routine for several months now. My weight loss is slow and steady which is exactly how I want it to be and Netflix has managed keep my attention in order for me to stay motivated. My excitement of having time to myself to not only work out but to watch television shows (commercial free!) and movies without kids screaming around me has not waned.

The Plan

I have the “2 DVD’s out at a time” plan so when I’m done with one, I’m not for want if I need to remain on the treadmill. Usually, by the time I’m finished with the next DVD, I’ll have already gotten another one, so I can simply change the DVD and continue working out, find more info.

Please note that I’m not getting any compensation from Netflix for writing this. I’m just simply satisfied at their consistency and fast shipping. It keeps me going and even gets me excited about exercising. Maybe this is an idea that can help you get back on the treadmill, too.

Bill Sutton
Netflix is Helping Me Lose Weight