Ostarine vs Prohormones

In this article we will be looking at Ostarine vs Prohormones and discussing the positives and negatives of each supplement.

One of the major benefits that you will come across with Ostarine is its lack of side effects and this is probably the main benefit when compared with Prohormones, below we will be looking at this in a little more and discussing in more detail the pros and cons of each.

Prohormones or Designer Steroids

Prohormones or Designer Steroids

Prohormones are compounds that bind to androgen receptors in the muscle cells and take on a very similar effect to steroids. They increase muscle growth through an upturn in protein synthesis and for this reason and also the fact that they are completely legal, many bodybuilders and athletes use them as an alternative to banned steroids. The problem is however that prohormones often can’t quite reach the same levels of intense growth as stronger steroids; some users also find that they can crash post-cycle, losing the gains they’ve worked hard for, and then there are still the same side effects as steroids to content with, know more.

Similar to steroids, prohormones can provide side effects ranging from the cosmetic problem of oily skin, acne and hair loss, right through to more serious long-term side effects such as liver and kidney toxicity, an increased risk of prostate cancer and high blood pressure. One of the main issues male users of steroids and prohormones worry about is gyno, and this can be a common problem, alongside a decrease in libido and an increase in lethargy.

Because of the side effects and toxicity of prohormones in general, users will have to stack with other supplements to balance out the problems. You’ll also have no choice but to go on a PCT to ensure you don’t lose your gains and to give your body the chance to recover, with definite long periods of non-use between cycles advised when it comes to prohormones.

The Benefits of Ostarine vs Prohormones

Ostarine is a SARM and unlike prohormones it doesn’t make you suffer with any of the side effects we’ve mentioned above.

Users of Ostarine are expected to see lean muscle gains within a recommended 4-6 week cycle, and this compares very similar to prohormones which generally take the same amount of time and often produce very similar result.

The gains may be slightly greater from prohormones than they will be from Ostarine, but it will cost you more in terms of side effects to reach those levels. Also, for those inexperienced users of sports supplements, prohormones require stacking and PCT, and even then there is no guarantee you won’t lose some of the gains you’ve made on-cycle. With Ostarine you’ll witness gains almost straight away and with no need to stack or use a PCT, the gains can be kept a lot easier than with prohormones, or indeed steroids.

With Ostarine you’ll:

• Get lean muscle gains as you would with prohormones
• Have a better and faster recovery
• Achieve an increase in strength and endurance levels
• Have all the benefits of a prohormone without the side effects

Ostarine vs Prohormones – Is Ostarine a better Alternative?

With the side effects of prohormone use clear for all to see, and the lack of them when it comes to SARMs, and in particular Ostarine, why wouldn’t you choose the latter? For beginners and women, SARMs have become the perfect alternative to prohormones and steroids in the bodybuilding world. The gains might not be quite as big, but you’ll get them a lot faster and without the horrible side effects associated with prohormones. Ostasize is currently the most potent Ostarine product on the market in the UK. Low to no side effects, real lean muscle gains and great recovery potential.

Bill Sutton
SARMs – Ostarine vs Prohormones Which is The Best Option?