Detoxify Your Body and Rejuvenate by JUICE THERAPY

Try this Juice Therapy for one day every week for atleast 3-4 months to get results-you will certainly be feeling much more energetic and rejuvenated at end of the course. It is not necessary to fast for the entire day,you can certainly indulge in light diet consisting of fruits,soups and salad, but non-vegetarian food and alcohol will have to absolutely avoided. The juices will have to prepared at home from natural, fresh fruits.

Wake up at 6 am,after finishing your daily routines,practice Pranayama or Deep Breathing Technique for atleast 5 minutes and Yoga for atleast 10 minutes. Pranayama(Yogic breathing technique) or Deep Breathing Technique give exercise to your diaphragm,improve efficiency of your lungs leading to improved oxygen utilisation of oxygen in your body and increased oxygen supply to your cells.

6:30 AM:- Have a glass of wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder mixed in warm water.Wheatgrass is a natural source of vitamins,minerals,chlorophyll,enzymes and essential amino acids.Wheatgrass also helps in maintaining alkaline PH of our blood,which helps in boosting our immunity and also keeps our renal system healthy.


7:00 AM:-Have a glass of lime juice in warm water with honey.Also have a teaspoon of powdered dry ginger and powdered fenugreek seeds mixed in equal proportion-this mixture offers cardio-protective benefits besides controling sugar and blood pressure, find more info.

7:30 AM:-Have a glass of bittergourd juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and turmeric powder-this helps in controlling your blood sugar and also boosts up your metabolism.

8:00 AM:-Eat Nine leaves of Neem and six leaves of Holy basil.This helps in purifying your blood and also keeps blood sugar under control.

8:30 AM:-BREAKFAST-Have a banana,2 slices of papaya,1 orange and 1 glass of pine apple juice.Have a cup of herbal/green tea.To make herbal tea at home,boil mint and holy basil leaves along with lemon grass.Add a teaspoon of honey and dash of lemon juice.It can be taken hot or can be refrigerated and chilled by adding ice cubes-its an excellent way to beat heat especially in summers.

9:00 AM:-Take sun bath for half an hour-this will provide the body with vitamin D.

9:30 AM:-Make a juice of tomatoes,beet,carrot,spinach,parsley,celery,lettuce mixed together,you can add little pepper,garlic and ginger to add spice to the juice. Have one glass of this juice.

10:30 AM:-Have a glass of Amla(Indian Gooseberry) juice,Amla is a powerhouse of vitamin C and also has diuretic properties which keeps your kidneys and renal system in good order.

11:00 AM:-Have a glass of Blueberry/Cranberry or Cherry juice.This will also help in keeping your system in alkaline condition and this juice will specially help those suffering from arthritis.

11:30 AM:-Have a glass of grapes or watermelon juice.This juice has diuretic property and is specially beneficial to kidneys and your renal system.

12:00 NOON:-LUNCH-Have one bowl of sprouted pulses,green salad,fresh fruits and a bowl of yoghurt.Yoghurt consists of Prebiotics or Good bacteria,which help maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.


Take rest for 2-3 hours.

5:00 PM:-Go for one hour of brisk walk,cycling or any other light exercise as per your convenience.

6:00 PM:-Have a glass of sugarcane juice.

7:00 PM:- DINNER:Have mixed vegetable soup,green salad,fresh fruit and a cup of buttermilk seasoned with curry leaves,mustard,dry ginger,cummin seeds and asafoetida,garnished with coriander and mint leaves-this will specially in help your in detoxifying your liver.

8:00 PM:-Have a glass of barley water before retiring to bed.

CAUTION:-If you are suffering from any serious ailment,consult your physian before trying this out.

Bill Sutton
Detoxify Your Body and Rejuvenate by JUICE THERAPY