How do you Make a Monocular Step by step

We need small monoculars to see nature and its beauty; our children use many objects such as a telescope for seeing distant objects. Have you ever thought that you can also make your own monocular with simple techniques for your children?

Maybe it seems you difficult to make monocular, but it is relatively easy to make your own monocular with simple techniques and equipment. You can save your money and can also use these techniques for repairing the monocular yourself.

Let me share some detail that will help you make your monocular and read them carefully to learn.

How can I make a monocular?

How can I make a monocular

There are many ways to make monoculars; here, we will guide you step by step to make monocular by using magnifying glasses.

Step one

First of all, arrange all the required materials such as magnifying glasses but not of the same size, corrugated paper pieces in 24-inch length, glue, pencil, and scissors.

After arranging the items, start your work, take the bigger magnifying glass, place it between you and paper, and try to see the image; it will look blurry, take the second magnifying glass, and keep it between the first glass you. Click here to discover more.

Step two

Now cover the magnifying glass with the paper and mark the paper’s diameter with a pencil, but keep it tight. Then measure the edge of the paper about 1 and ½ inches from the marked point; you will be able to find the extra length for glue.

Step three

Now cut the paper with scissors but cut it across the width and make sure the paper’s length is 24 inches on each side. Cut the cardboard tube 2.5 cm near the front opening of the tube. Never cut the tube in all the way.

After that, you will need to cut the second slot for the second magnifying glass at the same distance of 2.5 cm from the first slot.

Step four

You will need to place the magnifying glasses on their slots in that step, but make sure to slot the bigger glass in the front slot and the second in the other slot, but keep the distance 1-2 cm from the tube behind the small glass.

After that, you will need to apply glue to the magnifying glasses, glue the edges of the glasses carefully.

Now check the results by seeing images, but make sure you have placed the glasses at the right places; you can change places of the glasses to get a clearer view of the images. If there is a need for any amendment, do that and enjoy the natural scenes.

Final Thoughts:  Monoculars help us in many ways but, we need good quality monoculars to see objects clearly. Good magnification monoculars are costly, and we need to spend a lot of money on them. But there is also a way to make your monocular and save your money.

Bill Sutton
How do you Make a Monocular Step by step?