What is the Latest News On The Corona Virus

One thing that can give everyone anxiety today is the corona virus because past few months we have seen a lot of positive cases and as well as deaths. So, everyone scares about it and till now there is no vaccine for that virus. Some people do not want to see any news because most of the time the news that show on the television or newspaper is fake. That one fear of the virus is powerful enough to kill someone so only they do not show their interest in watching the news. 

Even some people know the better website for gathering truthful news so in that sense, here is one of the best websites that contain a lot of true news. people who want to collect detailed news about the corona virus then just tap on this link https://www.hartagereport.com/category/corona-virus/ and the main thing is the information they provide is truly investigate by the professionals and it will be true. The peek news about the corona virus is India has fifty-seven percent active cases and more than a thousand eight hundred and forty-nine people have close contact with the covid-19 people. 

How Many Active Cases In India?

How Many Active Cases In India

India is bringing the virus under control more than any other country and the active cases are less than one crore. Approximately, it is a thousand seven hundred and seven active cases in every state. The main thing is over two thousand five hundred people are discharged from the hospitals per day in every state. And the overall survey says that it is been seven lakhs of people are discharged from the hospital over India. And sanitizers are widely using one for escaping from that virus. Even the demands for those sanitizers are very high and some people do not have that. 

Not only India but other countries positive cases rate is one point eight four and each day they have over nine hundred and thirty-three cases. So, it will be the record compared with other Indian states. And this positive case rate comes in the last twenty-four hours says the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services. But they are trying to control positive cases and the only solution for this problem is finding the vaccine otherwise it is not a possible one. 

Latest News about Corona Dictatorship:

Every country is busy with finding the vaccine but Germany facing another problem and that is the corona dictatorship. The German people think their government running a dictatorship. So, they start a protest against them and over a hundred people were arrested by the police during that protest. One of the famous singers Dolly Parton sing a song for vaccine to make people happy and he describes the virus to many things. The beauty of this song is he is the lyric writer as well as the singer. So, if you want to gather this much fearless and truthful information about the corona virus then must visit the https://www.hartagereport.com/category/corona-virus/ and stay safe. 

What Are The Ways To Save Us From The Corona Virus?

What Are The Ways To Save Us From The Corona Virus

Anyone can say stay safe and do not go outside but it is not possible for every people. Daily wages people are needed to go out to earn money so for those people here is the instruction to save themselves from the corona virus. The first one is wearing the mask and use sanitizers, if you feel sick then do not go out and if someone looks sick then do not interact with them. So, try to follow these things to save you. 

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What is the Latest News On The Corona Virus?