A Smartwatch is not just a watch; it is a high-tech watch or a mini-computer that you use as a gadget for your smartphone.

Business, Fitness or for Fun, something for everyone. Each model has its speciality. A Smartwatch may look like a classic wristwatch, but it has high-tech functions that you usually only find on smartphones and tablets.

 Smartwatches continually developed. Since the beginning, many new features have added, making Smartwatches more and more complete and convenient.


Smartwatches are in trend these days. With the transformation in technology, now one can easily control the features of smartphones through their smartwatches.

From setting the alarm to maintaining the health record, everything can quickly be done with the help of a smartwatch. Even though the smartwatch has a lovely elegant and sporty appearance, you can of course not avoid it sometimes needing a repair or replacement.

If we come on the issue regarding charging port, there could be many reasons for it. Either it could be the problem of your smartwatch board or in charging cable may b rusty carbon issues in port or faulty of charging port.

So we go through one by one and try and see.

How to Fix Charging Port?

First of all, check your charging data cable and make sure it’s not faulty because sometimes we ignored this and thought it would not be a problem. 

You can check by charging other devices if it’s ok then move ahead and see the charging port thoroughly because some time carbon is stick into charging port and become the cause of setting issue.

If there is carbon, then take a small needle type, and clean inside then checks again if charging port still has an issue.

Then open up the board and check the volts into the port through the ammeter if the volts are not existing then there is 100% sure that your charging port is faulty, and it will replace with another one. If volts are showing in the ammeter, then it might be that your board faults.

Another possible cause of charging problems could be that the charging connector has damaged from general wear and tear or water damage. Just unplug it then again plug see if the issue is still present.

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Final Words


All we have to see that how to fix charging port on smartwatchthrough this we can examine our gadgets and know where the problems are exist.

We should also take care that when we plug into charge its make sure charging pin insert properly or else it will lose your charging port and be the cause charging port issues.

Check the charging port after a few weeks and make sure carbon is not stuck on it. If you are well aware of changing/replacing of the port, then change, or else it might be a severe issue with your smartwatch board, and your full watch could ruined.

Bill Sutton