How To Tighten The Smartwatch Band

May you found your smartwatch loose and needs its band to be tightened? You need to visit a jeweler’s shop to tighten your watch band. Due to a busy life schedule, you cannot visit the shop for band adjustment.

Should You Try Yourself to Tighten the Band of Your Watch?

Should You Try Yourself to Tighten the Band of Your Watch

It may seem a difficult task that requires many skills but not now. Here we will guide you about a procedure that makes you able to adjust your smartwatch band. If you have simple tools, you can adjust your watch with ease.

We will detail the adjustment of a watch in our article how to tighten the smartwatch band.

Steps to Tighten Smartwatch Band:

Tighten your smartwatch band is not a tough job if you follow the below steps. 

  • Arrange tools you need, such as two push pins, needle-nosed pliers, and a small jewelry hammer.
  • With some simple tools, you can quickly tighten the band of your smartwatch.
  • Wear the watch without adjusting and check how much this watch is loose.
  • Check how many lots of links need to remove.
  • Maintaining balance at both sides count the links on both sides, should be equal on both sides.
  • It would help if you located the pins that need to remove, that hold the links together.
  • Next, you should rest the watch band on two blocks of wood.
  • Set the pin position between the blocks that allow you to tap out while you remove the link and hold the rest of the band. The arrow should be down on the link.
  • Now insert the push pin in the hole of the link. Push the pin gently in the hole.
  • For doing your job more efficiently, you should gently tap it with a smaller hammer on the sewing pin top side and then push the pin down in the middle of the wooden blocks.
  • To remove the sewing pin, you can use the small pliers; when the watch pin set, its links will pull apart.
  • Now remove the link that you need with great care and then realign links to making your watch band close.
  • Now it’s time to set the smartwatch band, now position the watch pin so that it will in the hole of the link.
  • With the smaller hammer, hit the top of the pin to place it back into the hole.
  • A pair of tweezers can help you complete your job with ease if you face difficulty in that step.
  • Now try your watch to check its fitting. If ok, your smartwatch band has been tightened, and you can wear them now.

Final Words:

Smartwatch that we take at our home may be loose on our wrist. It would help if you tightened the band of our watch. Will you like to go to the jeweler for this little task? What should you do now? 

To save you time and money, we have provided you easy step-by-step guidelines for you that will help tighten your watch band. For further guidance, please go here

Bill Sutton
How To Tighten The Smartwatch Band