How Much does a Car Detailing Cost

Car detailing is not just one work. It’s a set of works that need to be done accordingly. So, you can’t compare the price for car detailing until you’re sure how many steps you are going to go through.

You can skip any of the parts, and still, it will be car detailing. So, it’s a bit hard for anyone to determine what is the exact price tag or price range of detailing your car.

Here at Australia, if you ask a care professional to take a look at your car and determine what you need out of a car detailing, everyone will suggest you not to skip any of the steps. So, we will tell you the price range according to that.

But let’s first find out what steps you have to go through while getting your car detailed.

Car wash exterior

Car wash exterior

The first bit of a car detailing is washing the car from the outside. It’s like any regular maintenance wash. But as car detailing focuses more on making your car look better than it was before or just like it was as new, the cleaning and washing are done far better than the regular maintenance wash.

The whole body is washed with soap and then polished or waxed if necessary. The whole-body wash includes the tires, rims, front grills, windshield, windows, side mirrors, mudguards, etc.

Car wash interior

Interior car washing is a dry wash. It’s done using a vacuum cleaner and a brush. This includes cleaning the dashboard, the doors, floor mats and floor, seats, steering wheel, meters, inside of the windshields, windows, rear view mirror, etc.

Color correction

Color correction is a long process and uses expensive materials. Car color can take a lot of time to dry. Most people do steer clear from the color correcting and jump straight to ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a suggested step which no one skips. The ceramic coating keeps the paint safe and the body free from scratches. It’s better than getting your car polished. It shines the car.

If all of these are considered together, it comes as a package. To know more about this, visit-

Steam cleaning

Most people do not do this bit. But steam cleaning is considered healthy for the car. It keeps the paint better and also removes unnecessary particles from the windshield and window scratches.

Window and windshield scratches are deadly because they can cause the whole glass to shatter into pieces.

The whole process, except color-correcting, which depends on how much correction is needed, it can cost up to AUD 280.


Now that you know how much car detailing can cost. Do you still think it’s the same as car cleaning? It isn’t. that’s why people don’t get their car detailed now and then. It’s something that people prefer to do once every six months or a year.

The suggested duration between car detailing is quarterly. That means it’s good for your car to detail it once in every four months. That’s three times per year.

Bill Sutton
How Much does a Car Detailing Cost?