What size air Compressor do I Need to Inflate Tires

This is a self-explanatory question you will find on the internet when you’re surfing around to find the best tire inflator for your vehicle. Most inflator manufacturers are competing with each other in a fight to portray a specific amount of pressure generation to be a significant pro.

An inflator is supposed to generate air pressure and inflate the tires. Using how much pressure it can create as a feature is not at all ideal. But now that they are doing that, everyone needs to know how much pressure is necessary for anyone.

Why do you need to know this?

Why do you need to know this

Some people then again ask that this is unimportant information to know. Because it doesn’t matter how much pressure a car tire inflator can generate. In the end, everyone knows what’s the optimum pressure for their cars, and they never go higher than that. So, why would they bother?

Well, it turns out using this as a feature, manufacturers are increasing their prices according to how much pressure it can generate. It’s an entirely unnecessary thing to take into account for. You don’t need anything more than the optimum pressure required for your vehicle.

Knowing that, can you force yourself to pay more than necessary just because you don’t care enough?

An air inflator is an investment. Every time a tire needs air, we rush to a repair shop to get the tires inflated. If you count how many times you needed to inflate the tires and how much money you have spent, you will understand why you should get an air inflator yourself.

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How much pressure do you need from an air compressor to inflate a tire?

How much pressure do you need from an air compressor to inflate a tire

If you own a standard family car and maintain it yourself, you should know that you don’t need anything more than 35PSI to have your tires in optimum shape to run the vehicle. Usually, you don’t even need more than 32 PSI. 35 is maxed for a freezing day.

If I add all the cars out there with a variety of tires, the pressure you need is still not more than 90PSI. Manufacturers sell tire inflators with 300, 400 PSI and pricing them way more than other inflators, which is a rip-off.

You don’t need those inflators. Only buy inflators with high PSI if the price range is well within the competition. That is very unlikely to happen though. But you never know you might get lucky.

Final Words

Finally, you know how much pressure you need from your air compressor to generate for inflating your tires. Don’t spend more money thinking higher PSI can give you any better service in any means. If your tire needs 32PSI, an inflator that can generate at least 60PSI will do that with ease. So, don’t go running for Inflators with a powerful air compressor. You don’t need them for your car.

Bill Sutton
What size air Compressor do I Need to Inflate Tires