How to use Cad Software for Beginners

Are you a beginner with CAD software? Are you are a person who wants to start his career with CAD software?

CAD software has great importance in designing. With the help of this software, people can make perfect designs for buildings, factories, machinery assembling, and much more.

There is a significant scope of CAD tools in the market. But one thing that is prevailing in the market that modern CAD tools are so simple even a new user can also use them without any training.

But it is not valid, no CAD tool is so easy and does not need any training or skills. If you try on yourself, you will waste most of your time. But we can help you to understand some basic features that you need to know for using cad software.

If you have a wish to learned use of CAD software, then read our below content about how to use cad software for beginners. Here we will try to guide you about the use of CAD software.

How to Use CAD software?

How to Use CAD software

There are following simple steps that will help you to work with CAD software.

• Download software and install it with your system. After installation opens the CAD software.
• While you open then there, you will see “create” and learn options on the screen. Learn folder contains videos that will help you to understand about CAD use.
• If you tap on create folder than you will see the following tabs start drawing, open files and templates menu.
• Now push-start drawing button and choose any template, if there is no such option than open file menu and create a new drawing.
• Now click on Home tab that will appear on the upper left side of your CAD software. There you will see all the drawing tools. Here you will see the size, length and other drawing features.
• If you want to draw a line, then tap on polyline button which will be available at the upper left corner.
• In that polyline tool there, you will also see the feature to draw a circle if you want to draw.
• When you see on the toolbar there, you will see a tool for drawing curved lines.
• There you will also see the bar for rectangles drawing.
• If you want to draw a multi-sided shape than you can use the polygon tool in the toolbar.
• To create an oval shape, click on the ellipse button.
• For adding the pattern in your design click on hatch option.
• There you will also see modify tool that will help you to edit your shape.
• For adding text and labels tap on the annotate button.

There are many other options, but you can try these to draw your design. But if you want more expertise than get training from some experts.

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article about how to use cad software for beginners. We have tried our level best to provide you with full information about the use of CAD software.

We hope you get better knowledge from our article but if you need more information than contact us.

Bill Sutton
How to use Cad Software for Beginners?