How to Put Hair Clippers back Together

You should sharpen and clean your hair clippers after some time, for that sharpening and cleaning purpose you should take it away and after completed you must fix the blades in the right place to work it again. If you want to take off the blades from the clippers you just rotate the top portion of the clipper. After that, you can sharpen or clean the blades and after completing the work you can fix it in the correct place and again rotate it too well set. Some blades have the screws to remove the blades on the clippers, you should remove the screw first and you can get the clippers after sharpening or cleaning it you can put hair clippers back together and tighten the screws. In some hair clippers, you just pull off the blades to take off the clippers, and make any adjustments, sharpening, or cleaning work after doing it, just pull it into the clipper to fix it. First, you should find out the type of clipper which you have and the use of the above-given steps to put hair clippers back together.

How to clean the hair clippers?

Clean the blades first to protect you from any accident or to remove hair and rust, or the blades might not sharpen correctly. You should clean and sharpen your clippers at the right time. Unscrew or remove the blades from the clippers. Find and unscrew the screws that attach the blades to the rest of the clippers. Once these are removed, gently detach the blades and any pieces holding them in place. If the bottom blade does not pop out easily, use a pair of tweezers to pull it off the base. Brush out hair and debris. Once you cleaning your hair clippers after that you love to clean you clean your clipper again and again because it will make them much easier to use. Use a wire brush, steel wool, or toothbrush to remove the hair stuck in the blades. Remove rust with blade wash. If your blades have any visible rust, or if brushing doesn’t remove all the gunk on them, you can use blade wash or another blade cleaning product to break it down. Soak the blades in a small bowl of this for a couple minutes, or dip a cotton ball in it and scrub the blade to remove heavy rust buildup.

How to dry up the hair clippers?

How to dry up the hair clippers?

Dry the blades and wipe the sides of the blades thoroughly with a clean towel to dry it and to remove the last particles of dust and debris. If you still see spots of rust, use the cleaning solution again. Test the blades is possible your hair clippers only needed cleaning, especially if they are a self-sharpening model. Reassemble the clippers, turn them on for a few minutes of the blades scrape imperfections off each other, and then try them on hair. If they are still dull or snagging hairs, move on to the sharpening instructions in the next section. Also, you can know more details about the hair clipper here

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How to Put Hair Clippers back Together?