How to Treat Snoring in Adults

A snoring problem is a normal condition which affects mostly all age group of people. Snoring in adults is mostly due to obesity, age, chest tightness, drinking alcohol, smoking, respiratory issues, and sleeping position. But people with this problem usually not aware that they are suffering from snoring, in spite the most affected are the persons who are sleeping nearby to the sufferer. Actually speaking, it is not a very serious issue but can create a very big effect, for some people, it may lead to drop their relationship after marriage, may lead to lack of sleep, less concentration in work makes to fall in depression and affects your health as well in various ways.

How Snoring Affects Your Health?

How Snoring Affects Your Health

Snoring is nothing but a rough sound that occurs while a person falls asleep. It usually occurs when a person breathes through his mouth instead of the nose. Snoring really affects the sleep of your sleeping partner. Your sleeping pattern will be changed, which may cause a lack of sleep and fatigue. Due to lack of sleep during the night, makes that person sleep during anytime while working, eating and doing any other activity. Mostly it occurs for overweight or obese people because of their weight they feel trouble breathing while sleeping and it makes them breathe through mouth and snore comes.

How To Treat Snoring?

  • Self-help- it is the first step in treating snoring, a person with obesity, taking sleeping pills, drinking, and smoking habits must get rid of the habits to avoid snoring.
  • Nasal congestion- if that person suffers from any respiratory issues, nasal congestion or any other blockage in the nose which leads breathing through mouth and it must be treated first from the best ENT doctor.
  • Adhesive nasal strips- nasal strips can apply to the outside of the nose, the little bands in it helps open the nasal passages to restore better breathing through the nose.
  • Sleeping pattern- also you can change your sleeping pattern and position, better to sleep on the back. Sleeping on the back helps to breathe freely and allows your tongue to relax which helps you to avoid snoring.

If none of the above treatment options are working for an adult to stop snoring, then he/she needs to visit a doctor for treatment. There are many different medical treatments are available, and it may vary depending on the problem. You can refer for some other options to treat snoring.

How To Treat Snoring

Surgery is one of the medical treatment for snoring. There are different types of surgery based on the condition that the person suffers. A surgery where the doctor removes excess throat tissues and remaining tissues are tightened and this surgery is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Another one laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty where doctor uses a small laser to remove the uvula and the soft palate shortened. The third surgery is called somnoplasty, here the doctor by using a low intensity radio signal a part of the soft palate has been removed. These are the major surgeries done for snoring.

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How to Treat Snoring in Adults?