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Today’s world is called the world of technology and that’s why there are many things available that provide human instant solutions. People use the internet and computer to know and search for a thing. In other words, we can say almost work is complete on the computer with the help of the internet. Internet is a very common need for people and computer is used at every working place. So, without a doubt, many official works are dependent on computers and laptops. If we talk about the internet then the internet is also very important to work on the computer. The Internet helps you to search or know about a thing. It also gives you a good way of conversation.

Software is one of the most important things for computers. In other words, many works are complete by software on a computer, for example, we can take the name of AutoCAD. It is computer-aided design software which uses to complete different kinds of works. It is used by architects, graphic designers, etc. so, if we talk about AutoCAD price then you can pay for a monthly subscription and annual subscription. In today’s article, we will tell you how you can insert PDF in AutoCAD.

Following are some steps with which you can insert a PDF easily:

How to Insert PDF into AutoCAD
  • Insert:

People work with AutoCAD for a different and different purpose. If you also want to work then know AutoCAD price and buy it. So, if you want to insert PDF into AutoCAD then you need to click on the Insert tab. In other words, firstly click on insert button then go to the reference panel. After going to the reference panel, go to attach option.

  • PDF files:

Do you want to insert a PDF Into attach then follow all steps carefully? So, now you need to select a PDF file. In other words, in the select reference dialog box, choose the file which you want to attach. So, read carefully the name of the file and then attach it.

  • Open and select:

After these steps, you need to click open. So, click on the open button and then select one page. In other words, in the attach PDF underlay dialog box, select one page. You can use shift and ctrl to choose multiple pages. So, in this way complete your third step.

Specify the insertion point: After doing these all steps, you need to specify the insertion point, scale of the file. So, there are two methods for this. Firstly, you can select specify on the screen to use the pointing device to attach the file at the location, or angle you want.

Secondly, you can specify on-screen and enter values for insertion points, the scale at the command prompt. Now click on the ok button.


So, in this way you can perfectly upload a PDF file into AutoCAD. These steps are easy. When you do these all steps practically you fill find this very easy. We told you some easy steps, and now it’s on you that how much perfectly you will follow these. So, follow these steps perfectly

Bill Sutton
How to Insert PDF into AutoCAD