Smartwatch When to Charge and How

Remember the embarrassment in the middle of a meeting, when your phone got switched off and a very important data remains on your phone. Or the sudden charge drop makes you inaudible in the middle of a client call. Discharged phone and late-night palpitations are inevitable irrespective of gender. Whether you have a handy charger or power bank, sometimes we all forgot to charge our phones and make ourselves disconnected suddenly from the outer world. When all these incidents are common and become unavoidable, there is a need for an extra device that will carry the replica of your Smartphone device data.

Smartwatch A pocket smart device

Smartwatch: A pocket smart device

Finally, a device comes in pocket size with power size capacity. It will keep you away from the chargers for long in comparison to smartphones. Though their batteries aren’t that big enough to keep them running unlimited time without charging. But it’ll not put you in panicky situations more often.

How to charge the smartwatch

The smartwatch packaging comes with wireless chargers. The charger should not be exposed to direct sunlight. And it needs to be placed on a flat surface in open air place. Sweat and moisture can include decay and rust to the electrical contacts-part of the chargers. Hence handle with care is the first thing for the smartwatch chargers. Corrosion is not only harmful in longer run but also can interfere with the charging and data transfer process. To anticipate these damages, regular wiping out the devices is inevitable. The following steps should be followed before charging-

• One end of the USB cable would be pushed into the Micro USB port of the smartwatch
• The other end of the cable should be plug up into the charger or the USB port of a computer.
• The charger or computer need to be connected to an active power source

How long does it take to charge

How long does it take to charge?

Smartwatch’s battery should be charged fully overnight when not in use. Approximately 3-4 hours depending on the model. It’ll not affect the battery if the smartwatch kept on charging after 100%, as afterward, it’ll shift to trickle charging mode from fast charging. For more details please go through the page The battery does last for an remarkable 7 days in regular
mode and 13 hrs in GPS mode.

Once the charger is fastened, a red light will show in the connector. A flash of lightning bolt will power be seen on the watch screen. Moreover, a circle indicator will appear on the screen to indicate the percentage of charge. For the guidelines in details please follow the page

There is no need to discharge the smartwatch before charging. That means if the smartwatch gets 75% used, the user should get it fully charged before its next use. The battery-operated charging time and duration varies according to the user’s need. There is a strong opinion about battery longevity depending on the battery type. But whether it is a normal or hybrid battery, ultimately its longevity depends on the users’ pattern and duration of uses.

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Smartwatch: When to Charge and How