How to Connect Smartwatch to Wi-Fi

Do you know that you can make your smartwatch more useful and functional with internet connectivity on it? At the present time, you will find lots of new apps and features on smartwatches that require internet connectivity for use. If you want to stream music or you want to stay connected with your social media platforms, you will need to connect your smartwatch to Wi-Fi network. If you also have a smartwatch, you should know about all its features for proper connectivity.

For all the smartwatch users, it is essential to know about the method to connect the smartwatch to the internet. Now, you can discover more here about the process to connect your smartwatch to Wi-Fi network. You just need to follow the steps given below for it:


 First of all, you will need to wake up your watch if the screen is dim.
 You will need to access the menu of your watch to find out its settings.
 You will click the option Settings and will scroll down to find Connectivity.
 You will click the option Connectivity and will look for Wi-Fi in it.
 Then you can switch to the option of Automatic so that it can detect all available networks.
 You can select Add network and then you will select the desired Wi-Fi network on it.
 When it asks about the password, you will select the option Enter on phone.
 You can use your smartphone to enter the password in it.
 After that, you will click Connect and your smartwatch will be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

It is the process to connect your smartwatch into the internet with your Wi-Fi network. Once it is connected successfully, you will be able to use several additional features with internet on your smartwatch.

Use of new features after connecting to Wi-Fi network:

Use of new features after connecting to Wi-Fi network

In the smartwatches, you will find lots of additional features with Wi-Fi and internet connection. Whether you want to install any new app on your watch or you want to log into your online accounts of social media, it will be possible with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also update the firmware of your smartwatch to get better performance and more features. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it will be easy for you to reply to the messages on your social media apps like messenger or WhatsApp. The users can also stream online music directly on the smartwatch after connecting it to the Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, you will be able to avail the lots of new features when you will connect your smartwatch with internet network. If you want any kind of help to know more about it, you can discover more here. If you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network with these steps, you may need to get the help of customer care support of your smartwatch. You may also try to reset your Wi-Fi router for connectivity troubleshoot. You will be able to access all the features of your smartwatch after the connectivity with the internet and Wi-Fi.

Bill Sutton
How to Connect Smartwatch to Wi-Fi?