How do I make animated wallpaper

These days, people want to customize their operating system no matter what kind of ways they have to choose. Customizing an operating system can become a thrilling task that will give you so much fun and time to enjoy. Most of the windows operated by Microsoft are accessible to such customizing features. If you know how to make animated wallpaper, it will be easy for you to apply the created animated wallpapers on the windows.

In the beginning, you can face lots of problems due to the incomplete knowledge you have about creating animated wallpaper. Possibly, all of you know what the animated wallpaper really is and why people use it. Among the top options a user has for customizing the appearance of the operating system, animated wallpaper has gained lots of admiration and popularity.

animated wallpaper

Easy Steps to Make Animated Wallpapers

How do I make animated wallpaper? After collecting the basic details, you will ask this question without any doubt. No matter how sufficient knowledge you have on creating animated wallpaper on but, you still need to take action on the most trustable steps.

A single mistake committed during the creation procedure of animated wallpapers can cost more and more. It simply means that you could not afford to commit a mistake because it will spoil your experience of making the animated wallpapers. Let’s take a closer look at the steps that are enough to make animated wallpapers:

Modify the Size of the Image

In the beginning, you need to customize the appropriate size of the image that you want to insert in the animated wallpaper. You should carefully customize the size because it could not be changed once you create the animated wallpapers.

Upload Photos One After One


Now, you need to upload the images or photos that you want to put in the animated wallpaper. Instead of enforcing the images together, you should try to upload the images one after one.

Add Your Texts in the Layers

Following up, you have to add your text to the new layers you have created after uploading the photos.

Choose a Timeline

How do I make animated wallpaper? Once you add text in your new layers, you will have to choose a timeline for your animated wallpaper.

Build the Frame Animation

After completing the previous step now, you will have to build the frame animation.

Consider Time for All the Frames

A user needs to consider the time for all the frames that they have created for the animated wallpapers.

Export Your Animated Wallpaper

In the conclusion part, you should be ready to export your animated wallpaper to use it whenever you want. This is going to be the final procedure that you have to follow in order to make animated wallpapers in a short amount of time.

Export Your Animated Wallpaper

The ones who will give preference to the above-mentioned steps will be able to create or make the animated wallpaper in a flawless way. If you still have any kind of doubt left, you can reread the mentioned things at least once more.

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How Do I Make Animated Wallpaper?