What is the keto diet menu

When you are planning to lose your weight, you should follow the keto diet which is quite popular among the people who want to lose weight faster. Adopting high fat and low carbohydrates diet can easily help you to lose your body fat and it can also help the people who are suffering from diabetes type-2. The carbohydrates reduction allows your body to depend on fats which are the major source of energy. This procedure is ketosis in which liver produced molecules are limited.

It can be quite difficult to switch from normal to the ketogenic diet. What is the keto diet menu? First of all, you need to learn about the basics of the keto diet from Smore.com/6y1fv-ultra-fast-keto-boost-reviews-price, so that you can make your menu plan properly. If you want to reach up to the proper state of the keto diet, you need to restrict carbohydrates in your food. The people who follow keto diet eat even less than 20g carbs every day. If you want a particular menu plan for the week, then you can follow the given diet for three months to see changes:

Make Your Keto Diet Menu Plan For Every Week

• Monday

On Monday, you can have 2 eggs with some green salad in the morning. In lunch, you can have cheese, avocado, and mushroom with some greens. You can have pork along with green beans in your dinner. You can also use coconut oil in your diet.

• Tuesday

In the breakfast, you can have bell pepper stuffed with eggs and cheese. Having arugula salad with eggs, blue cheese and turkey can be best at lunch. In the supper, you can have grilled salmon along with spinach.

• Wednesday

In the breakfast, you can have some mushroom omlette and then you can eat Tuna salad in the lunch. You can have tomato and celery with some greens at lunch. At night, you can have roasted chicken along with sautéed broccoli in coconut oil.

• Thursday

In the morning, you can eat baked avocados with eggs while in the lunch; you can opt for Caesar salad along with the chicken. Make sure that you eat pork chops at night along with some veggies.

• Friday

On Friday morning, have some full-fat yogurt along with Keto granula. Have cauliflower rice, herbs, cheese, salsa and avocado in the lunch. At night, you can eat bison steak along with cheese broccoli.

• Saturday

On Saturday morning, you can start your day with cauliflower toast along with avocado and cheese in it. In lunch, eat some salmon burgers along with the pesto. Make sure that you have dinner served with meatballs and zucchini noodles.

• Sunday

Finally, Sunday can be your diet with coconut milk and walnuts at breakfast. In lunch, you should have cob salad made up of avocado, cheese, turkey and hard-boiled eggs. Have chicken curry in the dinner to get a perfect taste on the weekend.

Keto Diet Menu Plan

If you have any doubts about the diet and calorie count, then you can also take help of your nutritionist who can allow you to have the proper diet without missing calories required for your body on daily basis. The keto diet is mostly based on animal products but there are numerous vegetarian options also. You just need to eat whole foods which low carb vegetables and high fiber. Always go for healthier fats like olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil. Without consulting your dietician, you shouldn’t go for complete keto diet because it might not be perfect according to your health conditions. So, you should take the help of your nutritionist before making big changes in your diet plan.

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Make Your Keto Diet Menu Plan For Every Week