Can you completely remove a tattoo

The trend of tattoos is going on increasing day by day and you can see lots of people who have tattoos on their body. But sometimes, it is required by people to remove the tattoos in an effective manner but they do not have complete knowledge about tattoo removal methods.

There are several factors need to be considered while removing a tattoo successfully that includes tattoo location, size, colour and many more. It is not possible to determine the specific time in which you can remove your tattoo permanently and it is beneficial for you to consult a doctor who has complete knowledge about their work and able to access the variables to predict tattoo removal success in an effective manner.

Factors that determine the success of tattoo removal

Do you want to know the right way or method to remove your tattoo? Are you thinking about how Can you completely remove a tattoo? Rodrigo Almeida can provide you with help to figure out these questions and here are some factors that determine the success of your tattoo removal.

Ink colour

Generally colour like orange, white, yellow and red are more challenging to remove and it takes higher time to remove tattoos with thee inks. So, if you have tattoos with these colours then it will take some more time to remove it permanently.

Tattoo age

The older tattoos are more prone to pigment fading and it is easy to remove them. If you have a new tattoo then it can take some time to fade away and difficult for you to get rid of newer tattoos.

Skin colour

Skin colour

Skin colour is also a great factor that determines the success of the tattoo because tattoo removal is more effectively work on people with light skin colour. the lighter colour of the skin doe does not absorb laser light and it helps to remove tattoos in an effective manner and laser time while darker skin can absorb the laser light and it can create some issues while tattoo removal.


The location of the tattoo also has a great impact on tattoo removal because it becomes harder to get tattoo removal in areas that have slower healing and limited vascular supply. So, the tattoos on the lower leg and hands need more treatments as a comparison to the tattoos in areas such as back or chest.

Amount of ink

The amount of ink used in the tattoo also attracts tattoo removal because it requires more time and treatment to get original skin by removing a tattoo. In addition to this, layered tattoos are more difficult to remove and require more treatments as comparison to singular tattoos.

methods of tattoo removal

There are lots of methods of tattoo removal such as laser tattoo removal, plastic surgery and home tattoo removal methods and you need to choose the right one that helps you to get rid of your tattoos permanently in an effective manner. If you do not want any issue and side effects then it is beneficial for you to get the help of a doctor who can suggest you the right tattoo removal method for you.

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Factors That Determine The Success Of Tattoo Removal