Where and how should you place metatarsal pads

Do you know the use of a metatarsal pad? Have you heard this name for the first time? These pads are used to spread out a transverse arch in your foot. It is used to ensure that the proper space in your feet is pressed. It might be a significant problem if you end up placing this pad under your feet’s ball. So, you need to make sure that you learn to place it properly. When you want to use it, you should find out the place where the ball of your feet in shoes sit.

Considering the proper position of the ball of your feet is critical when you want to use a metatarsal pad effectively in your shoes. If you don’t place in your shoes properly, then it might worsen the situation. If you have got a question like, “where should metatarsal pads be placed?”, then here are the easy steps to do this task without any difficulty:

Place Metatarsal Pads

• Remove the Sole of Your Shoe

First of all, you need to remove the bottom from your boots, and this would help you to stick the pad in the right place. If there is no liner in your shoe, then you can stick this pad directly on the shoe.

• Find the Perfect Target

You can visualize the goal for metatarsal pad by feeling the impression of your foot’s ball in the shoe. Without finding the purpose, you might end placing the pad in the wrong place. You need to place the pad in that area, and then you can put your feet on it to check the position correctly.

• Peel Back the Pad

When you are peeling the metatarsal pad, you should peel the adhesive with 1/4th part to check the placement first. You can try to place it on the shoe liner, and if feels correct, you can stick it right there.

• Try Testing It

metatarsal pad into the shoe

When you are pressing the metatarsal pad into the shoe, then you will be able to wear your footwear comfortably.

• Make Shoe Test

You need to wear the shoe to find out if it is adequately adjusted or not. If it needs adjustment, you can do it fast. When you think that the met pad is not in the right place, you can adjust it properly.

• Stick It Properly

Make sure that you stick the pad properly in the shoe and then you can repeat it in the other shoe also.

metatarsal pad

So, these are the simple steps to stick a metatarsal pad in your sho, and you can do it in the best manner if you don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong material. There are various options available in the market, and you need to make sure that you consider using the high quality of metatarsal pads. You can buy open polyurethane foam metatarsal pad if you want to get long term cushioning benefits. You can go to purchase leather and latex material pad if you wish to don’t want to face any allergies in your feet. If you need firm support; then you can buy polyester or wool felt, but these can be less firm and difficult to dry.

Bill Sutton
Where And How Should You Place Metatarsal Pads?