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Oracle cloud infrastructure is used as one of the preferred platforms around the world in the IT sector. A large number of business organizations are availing the advantages of Oracle cloud infrastructure in many good ways. It is definitely very effective to build and run several services and applications as per the requirements of the business clients in the IT sector. The individuals, who pass the exam of Oracle cloud infrastructure, are known as Oracle architect associate. These IT professionals are known to work with Foundation knowledge for the infrastructure architecture done by using Oracle cloud infrastructure services.

Do you also want to know what is Oracle architect associate? Every year, a large number of individuals apply for Oracle cloud infrastructure architect associate exam. After qualifying the exam, they will get the certification with proper training to work as the professional of Oracle infrastructure in the IT sector. In this exam, they will cover several topics including Cloud Computing concepts, availability of domains, networking, databases, OCI terminology and services, load balancing, tagging, VPN, DNS and more. with Oracle architect associate certification, the individuals will be able to understand OCI services in a proper way.

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How to become Oracle architect associate?

To become Oracle architect associate, the candidates will need to appear in Oracle cloud infrastructure architect associate exam. There are lots of candidates who apply for this examination and they prepare for it to become a professional in the IT sector. After completing the preparation, they appear in the exam to qualify it. After that, they can get certification to become a professional in Oracle infrastructure and architecture. If you also want to become Oracle architect associate, you will need to go through the exam and there will be a high level of competition with other candidates.

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About Oracle architect associate exam:

If you are going to apply for Oracle cloud infrastructure architect associate exam, you should definitely get complete details about it. In this exam, you will need to go through multiple choice questions and there will be a total of 66 questions. The time duration will be 105 minutes for the exam and you will need at least 65% of marks to qualify the exam. It will be good to use online services to get additional information about this exam.

First of all, you will need to register for this exam by using the online services for it. After completing the registration process, you have to focus on proper preparation so that you can appear in it in the perfect way. As a candidate, you will find a high level of competition in the exam of Oracle cloud infrastructure architect associate. It is very important to focus on your preparation on priority and you have to go for a proper strategy for this preparation. It is the best way to become a professional in the IT sector as Oracle architect associate after qualifying the exam for the certification.

After getting information on what is Oracle architect associate, you should definitely understand its challenges during the exam. It is not easy to qualify the exam without having a good strategy of the preparation. You will need to find out the right study material and you have to understand all the topics in a proper way for it. If you need any kind of help for exam preparation for Oracle cloud infrastructure architect associate examination, you will be able to get complete study material online. There are many online platforms available where the students and candidates can find complete help and information on it. You can also get services of IT professionals online for it.

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What is Oracle Architect Associate?