Clean Your Glass Pipe

When you regularly use your glass pipe, then it can get clogged and you definitely need to clean it properly to use it again. Who wants to feel unpleasant smell while using the glass pie? If you don’t want to feel bad smell while using the pipe, then you should clean it by using the household items. It would become just as it was when you purchased it. Here are some simple steps with which you can clean the glass pipe easily.

Use rubbing alcohol

In order to clean bong properly, you need to clean the pipe by removing dirt and gunk from it. You can hold the pipe in the upside down direction and then you can tap on it. Using pipe cleaner or cotton can help you to clean it properly from inside. Make sure that you don’t try to clean the tough spots otherwise it can break down. Alcohol can be a faster and effective method to clean pipes and bongs easily. This is the best way to clean glass pipe if you want to do it on your own.

Put alcohol in a plastic bag

Instead of buying regular alcohol, you have to get the isopropyl alcohol in which you can submerge the pipe. The resin and tar inside the pipe can be cleaned off with using alcohol and all of the stains inside and outside pipe will be removed with using alcohol. You have to take a plastic bag in which you will pour alcohol and some salt and then you can place the pipe inside it to get it cleaned thoroughly on its own.

Shaking will help a lot

You can shake pipe inside the bag for two or three minutes and the benefit of using transparent plastic bag is that you can see from outside if it is cleaned or not. You can also dip your hand inside the packet to clean it with your fingers properly. After you have done this, you can place the glass pipe inside hot water. It would definitely clean dirtiest pipes also.

Use of boiling water

If you don’t want to spend money on alcohol, then you can use water as it is the best way to clean glass pipe. Not only you can clean the glass pipes by using alcohol but hot water can also be used to clean it thoroughly. You can take a pan and heat water in it for 15 to 20 minutes. When the water is boiled, then you can place the glass pipe inside it. It would clean on its own and you just need to wait for the water to get cool down. After you feel that the hot water has done its work, then it comes the time to clean the pipe with using a cotton swab. You definitely need to use some tools and cotton to clean it from every single inch. Now you know the best ways to clean the glass pipes properly and that’s why you should use these methods to clean pipes properly. You can also these same tricks to clean bongs but you will need to remove all of its parts before doing this whole procedure. Cleaning the glass pipes is even easier as compared to the bongs.

Bill Sutton
Learn The Method to Clean Your Glass Pipe